Thursday, April 16, 2015

More Snapshots, August 1968

I always love a good look at the wonderful Tomorrowland Stage, with its colorful plastic panels and whimsical mid-century "space age" graphic shapes. I think that this is the back of the stage - "Sunshine Balloon" would rock out on the opposite side. Coke still managed to squeeze in a logo, though (one of three visible)!

As is often the case these days, I get almost as much of a kick out of the guests (and their clothing) as I do from the attractions. Brighter colors and patterns are evident, especially on women's clothing. The "Summer of Love" had occurred just a year before, so hippies and psychedelia were on the rise, though things still look mostly pretty conservative here. Oh, and there's "It's a Small World" in the distance, as if you didn't know!


K. Martinez said...

That is the backside of the Tomorrowland Terrace Bandstand, not the Tomorrowland Stage. The Tomorrowland Stage was between the Character Shop and Flight to the Moon. Back in those days the Coke Terrace was my favorite place to eat. I'd carry my cardboard box containing a Moonburger, fries and Coke sit down to dine on the Matterhorn/Subs side side of the Terrace. Nice shots today. Thanks, Major.

Nanook said...


You're not kidding about the clothing. Just take a look at our young friend in the first image wearing the madras cloth shorts - captured 'mid-run' - undoubtedly scurrying-away from the lady to his right wearing those scary-looking, tight, striped shorts.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

That Rolly Crump designed stage is insane! First of all, why would they have ever changed that design? And second, why didn't they just recreate this version in the latest redo a few years back? I appreciate the fact that they were trying to give a nod to the original design, but nothing is ever going to top THIS! Or the entire 1967 Tomorrowland, for that matter.

Dig the black knee socks on the guy in the second pic!

K. Martinez said...

TokyoMagic! - I agree with you. Nothing will top any of the Rolly Crump designs in Tomorrowland. Do you know when Disney altered the Rolly Crump designed stage? Was it during 1988's Blast to the Past promo? That and the "Club Buzz" overlay were hideous.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

I agree with Y'all. So much plaid, bold stripes, black socks and cat eye sunglasses!

Very, very 68'. Cool time in the BEST version of tomorrowland (imho).

Thanks for posting, good memories.

Tom said...

What makes 1968 Tomorrowland even better is how these photos lend that sort of dreamy, low contrast but high color look. It's like getting an injection of optimism. Progress!

MRaymond said...

Since the pictures are from 68, I can't stop myself from looking for family and friends. I would have been 7 at the time. I know the odds aren't in my favor but what the hell. This is the TL I always think of.

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, you are right of course… my fingers type faster than my brain works!

Nanook, I always like the look of shorts with long black socks, It’s almost as good as socks with flip flops.

TokyoMagic!, don’t you think it would look better if it was painted bright colors? Say, purple and pink?

K. Martinez, I am also interested as to when the stage was altered. Hopefully somebody knows.

Alonzo, unfortunately there is an appalling lack of paisley. I am torn between the old original Tomorrowland, and the ’67 version, but I do think the ’67 version is the best.

Tom, I debated as to whether I should adjust these snapshots, since I could make them as contrasty as I want. But I decided to keep them looking more of less like they look when you hold the prints in your hand, because I like the “nostalgia factor”.

Anonymous said...

'67 Tomorrowland is Best Tomorrowland.

And these pics prove it. When I see these, I know why Disneyland today no longer provides the jolt that it used. I'm just an old, worn-out junkie looking for my 70's kicks.

Thanks, Major.


K. Martinez said...

Major - I did some research and found some great information from Werner Weiss' Yesterland site. It sounds like the original topper was removed in 1990. The page features the various toppers that were on the rising stage through the years of which none beats the Rolly Crump creation IMHO.

I was sure they did an alteration to the stage during the Blast to the Past promo though.

Nanook said...

@ K. Martinez-

Thanks for the link. It has several great images.

I know Tomorrowland Terrace was turned into the Rainbow Diner for the Blast to the Past celebration, but images of the Bandstand during that time seem to be elusive.

TokyoMagic! said...

@ K. Martinez, yes thank you for that link. I also would have guessed the first change was in the eighties. I remember each and every one of those hideous replacement toppers. Whoever authorized the removal of the original one should be beaten repeatedly with a churro.

@ Major, I'm hoping that is going to be the next version of and purple and themed to princesses. Wouldn't Anna, Elsa "and the rest" look great in space suits? And we all know that everything looks better in pink and purple.....just look at the old Plaza Gardens Pavilion.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Elsa would look great in anything. Space suit, Tarzan suit, birthday suit...

Melissa said...

'67 Tomorrowland is Best Tomorrowland.

Couldn;t have said it better myself,JG. Look at that planter on top of the bandstand; I don't think I've ever seen such brilliant use of negative space. It looks light and airy enough to float away.

Am I crazy, or does that look like the UPS Man headed for it's a small world? Talk about international deliveries!

Nancy said...

so many great comments....this IS Tomorrowland. Never better since.

They should definitely recreate this wonderful look at how life was going to be in the future, where we would all drive little space ships to work like George Jetson, before the future took a right turn toward whatever you want to call what we have today. Tomorrowland rules!! :-)