Saturday, April 04, 2015

Three Mystery Photos

Here are some more "mystery photos", which really means that I am too lazy/dumb to figure out where these locations are. Lucky for me I have the smartest blog readers, who know basically everything.

My guess is that this first one (from 1963) will be easy for you guys. The car to our right has a Pennsylvania license plate… so I am assuming that this is from somewhere in the Keystone State. That tall building in the distance might look familiar to you (though it doesn't to me).

This next one doesn't have many clues to go on, so I'm guessing it will be tougher. At first I thought it might be Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, but now I don't really think so. There's a place allied "Angelo's", and another called "Lou's"... I don't know guys, this might be unsolvable! Nevertheless, I still enjoy it just as a vintage photo (circa 1962), with lots of people milling about.

Next we move into "Mystery Amusement Park" territory. I have absolutely no idea where this is; maybe it isn't even an amusement park, but some sort of swamp tour (though it doesn't look very swampy). It looks like there is some lettering on the side of the boat, but it is too blurry to discern.

Get out your deerstalker caps and calabash pipes!


Marc said...

I can't pass up a post like this. The second photo is probably the easiest. It is actually the old Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey, CA. There are photos of both Lou's and Angelo's online.

Chuck said...

That last one could be any number of coastal river cruises, but the area reminds me of the River Lilly Cruises on the St Lucie River in Port St Lucie, Florida. The area doubled for the Amazon basin for the boat chase sequence in the 1979 Bond film Moonraker.

Unfortunately, the River Lilly company wan't founded until 1998 and this isn't their current boat, so I don't know if there's any connection between the two.

Anonymous said...

If someone can identify the tower in the background in picture it Philly??

Nanook said...


Lets ID some cars: At the far left - a 1958 Ford; behind it - a 1955 Chevrolet. To its left - a 1959 Oldsmobile heading towards us. Then on the far right, a 1957 Ford Fairlane.

Since I can't help ID the locations, I think I'll just take advantage of the Hoover sale and go buy a new vacuum cleaner.
Thanks, Major.

Unknown said...

I'll take a stab at number 1.

The street has catenary wires for a trolley bus system and these were present in Philadelphia at the time. Plus the bus parked over on the left looks like the type and color that Philly ran.

The kicker is that sure looks like Philadelphia City Hall tower in the distance. Which all puts us somewhere on Market Street, west of Downtown Center.

I think...

Anonymous said...

On the Liberty Fish building it reads wholesale retail tel (and looks like 55468) Liberty Fish, Fisherman's Wharf in Monterrey, CA the last 5 digits of their phone is 55468.

Melissa said...

Wow, you guys are good!

When I go out for cocktails, I know I always go to the same place I buy wholesale fish by the pallet.

Hats off to the brave lady navigating that crowd on crutches.

That boat does remind me of pictures my Grandma took on a Florida river tour back in the 1970's.

Anonymous said...

I submit that picture # 1 is actually Columbus OH (next state over from PA). The Florentine Restaurant seems to there still at 907 W. Broad St. The tower in the background appears to be the LeVeque Tower ( The vacuum cleaner store on the left seems to be 924 W Broad.

Unknown said...

Wow, A., you're absolutely right. That's some seriously impressive photo ID-ing.

Nanook said...


Melissa said...

Ohio and Pennsylvania do look a lot alike.

Major Pepperidge said...

*OK, this is weird… I totally remember replying to everyone's comments two days ago. But this morning I happened to look, and my comment isn't there. WHU? So it looks like I have ignored everyone. Time to re-comment!!

Marc, very cool, I didn't think anyone would figure that one out!

Chuck, I am almost certain that photo #3 is in Florida, but just can't nail down the specific location. You're right, it could be a number of different places.

Anonymous… it's a good guess, I don't know anything about Philly.

Nanook, ah, the Ford Fairlane. When I was a kid, a friend's dad had a Fairlane (not sure what year), and I always thought it was the coolest thing. "Why don't they make cars that look awesome anymore??".

Patrick Devlin, all I know is that I like the term "catenary wires", which I have never heard before! Yours is another vote for Philly!

Anon, good eye.

Melissa, you can really save money if you are willing to buy slightly-used fish. The sellers can pass the savings on to you!

Anon #2, uh oh, I thought that Philly was it for sure, but it sure looks like Columbus is really the place. Great job!

Patrick, I still appreciate your ID-ing, I didn't even get that far.

Nanook, that's why it's fun to post these kinds of photos!

Melissa, as a former Pennsylvanian, I have seen that for myself! We used to go over to Ohio to buy the best fireworks (on very rare occasions).

Anonymous said...

I recognized the Monterey Fisherman's Wharf immediately. I've always thought it so strange that the wooden wharf there has blacktop asphalt paving on it.

Where the photo is taken, you are out over the water, although the surface looks like the ground.

This can be seen on Google Street View. I don't know if this link will survive, or what kind of view it will show, but the old photo is looking out to sea.,-121.892678,3a,77.1y,12.77h,89.07t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sF9MJqgkzGsRRVV2WrOPvpg!2e0!3e5!6m1!1e1?hl=en

Lou's building on the right is still there, the restaurant is called Domenico's now. I've never eaten there. We go to Abalonetti's across the way (bright blue in the google picture, kind of dark teal in the historic pic).

The fishing trips business is still there, but they have changed the sign to feature whale watching.

The rest of the buildings are changed beyond recognition.

@Melissa, there's a tradition of dining rooms associated with the fresh fish markets out here on the West Coast. Of course, cocktails with a water view follow along. I don't know if that association occurs on the East Coast, but in many cities out here on this ocean, this is a common practice to sell meals and drinks upstairs and the fresh fish downstairs.

The other photos, not so much.

Thanks Major, these are fun little exercises.


Unknown said...

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