Thursday, March 15, 2012

Trolley & Crockett Arcade, 4-29-56

Say, that's one swell lookin' trolley! It's the cat's pajamas. And it is only just starting the slow journey around Town Square and up Main Street. Did they make you disembark when you got up to the hub, or could you pretty much ride the thing as long as you wanted? I am ashamed to admit that I have never boarded the horse drawn trolley, or any other Main Street vehicle for that matter. I'm too busy listening to rock music and doing drugs.

We all know that Davy Crockett kilt him a bar, but did you know that he also enjoyed video games? So much so that he even had his own arcade! You used tokens made of beef jerky to play. Davy had the high score on "Asteroids" for years.

The three people on the right are all looking down at something; possibly a talking mouse?


Chiana_Chat said...

LOL x 3. Cracked me up, thrice!

Ride the trolley.

What a nice scene, freshly planet Main Street. You can see the "future site of" building and a bit of rocket peeping over the horizon from the future... Meanwhile the curtains in the windows of the Opera House are disarrayed as if someone were actually at home upstairs.

Davy Crockett Frontier Arcade - with a side shop window over which is a sign "bone carving"! Dang folks then were hardcore. Think tats hurt, puh. Speaking of signs, to our left is "Adventureland - Jungle Rivers of the World."

The ladies and gentlemen to our right are looking at a flower broken by some reckless youth and discussing that piteous portent of things to come.

Major Pepperidge said...

I know, I really *should* ride ALL of the Main Street vehicles. The top level of the Omnibus especially! From what I've been told, Walt Disney World does not run any vehicles any more; hopefully that will never happen at Disneyland.

By the way, I'm pretty sure that the upstairs area of the Opera House was used for offices. Thanks for pointing out the Adventureland sign!

TokyoMagic! said...

WDW was running their Horse-drawn Trolleys when I was there in October (I posted a pic in November). I thought their Horseless Carriages were running too, but I just checked my pics and can't find one of it, so that I'm not completely sure about them.

Major Pepperidge said...

TM!, you are right, my friend did say that the horse-drawn trolleys were running; I should have said that the *motorized* vehicles are (according to him) discontinued). So, no fire truck, omnibus, or horseless carriages.

Rick West said...

It's amazing to see Town Square and the Opera House so new - and almost a decade before the park would ever see its first Audio Animatronics human figure. Mind-blowing, really, when you see this in full color and so vibrant. Wonderful images!

olddisneylandfan said...

To my shame, a few years ago I realized that I hadn't ridden most of the Main Street vehicles. So on my next visit, we rode every vehicle up and down the street. It was more fun that it sounds, even with drugs and rock music.

David said...

Guy in the Grey Suit: "I tell you, Irv, its an autoerotica flower. This Disney guy is a genius."

Women in Black: "Honestly, LeRoy, have you been drinking the Church wine again?"

But the Bone Carving window is wicked cool

Major Pepperidge said...

Rick, I know what you mean; and that is what is so fun about pictures from '55 and '56 especially. The park just looks so NEW! I wonder if the Opera House was still being used as the print shop for the attraction posters at that point?

olddisneylandfan, my trouble is that the people who accompany me to Disneyland are always in a big hurry to get to the big exciting rides. They never want to take a breather and ride the Horse Drawn Carriages or Omnibuses.

David, I fully encourage more autoerotica references!