Sunday, March 11, 2012

Indian Village, September 1963

For years, there were several Indian villages along the Rivers of America, including one that guests could actually visit. To get there, you had to walk along the west side of the river, and through a tunnel, which was kind of cool! There were examples of various dwellings, totem poles, and of course the famous Dance Circle; not to mention the dock for the canoes.

This other Indian village may have been friendly, but you couldn't visit it. Which is OK, I sort of like the fact that it was sort of isolated and left pristine. Look, but don't touch!


Orange Co Native said...

The first photo of the village along the banks of the river is now the Hungry Bear and Splash Mountain.

It is interesting that cowboys and indians are not very popular anymore. However, that can turn on a dime with just a movie or two that become big. I remember back in 1966 to about 1970 that space travel, space ships etc... was the big thing of interest along with cowboys and WWII. As a kid, pirates wasn't really even on the radar back then (At least in the neighborhood I grew up in Huntington Beach). That is my perspective at least from what I remember of 1966 and earlier.

So in 5,10, 15 or 20 years the frontier could make a comeback and pirates will be passe. Who knows. The guy that auditioned the Beatles in 1962 at Decca Records told them they didn't pass the audition and that guitar groups were on the way out anyway.

All I know is that Frontierland at Disneyland had more of a feel of wilderness back then. There is a lot more cement now and lot less trees. It would be great if they expand Frontierland and bring back some more of the wilderness feel again. Another Mine Train would be wonderful if they could swing it and find a couple of acres to put it on.

Major Pepperidge said...

OC Native, one of these days I am going to have some Bear Country construction pohotos to share with you!

I wonder if Johnny Depp's "The Lone Ranger" will be the thing that makes kids love Westerns again? I find the tales, legends, and facts of the old west to be a fascinating chapter in American history, but it really does seem to be lost to kids.

Can you imagine what they could do if they built a Nature's Wonderland today? But it'll never happen....

Ikon Wolf said...

The film John Carter has an opening sequence in the old west.

Orange Co Native said...

Hey Major,

They have brought the Flying Saucers back. They are tires now in the new Cars ride in Calif Adventures Park. Same attraction, just a different approach and appearance. So the Mine Train could be a possibility sometime in the future.

Major Pepperidge said...

Ikon Wolf, from what I've heard, John Carter seems to have flopped this weekend; we'll have to wait for some other movie to capture people's imaginations.

OC Native, aren't you looking forward to my "pohotos"?! ;-)

JG said...

Oh Major, I can always count on you for pictures of the Indian Village and the Dance Circle.

Thank you.