Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Some Souvenir Stuff!

Here are some more vintage artifacts from Disneyland!

Did you know that the Upjohn Pharmacy on Main Street gave away vitamins? Here's some to prove it! The cute little bottle is about 1.5 inches tall, and still contains it's jelly bean-shaped pills. They still smell like vitamins, too. I dig the graphics on the little boxes.

GDB pal Steve Stuart sent scans of his souvenir menu from the Carnation Ice Cream Parlor. Presumably these were made to help prevent the mysterious disappearance of the full-sized menus. For a mere 3 cents you could send one of these to your friend back home.

Are you getting hungry? Not long ago somebody was selling one of these on ebay, and a potential buyer commented that there were something like 34 variations! Who knew.

Lady, Tramp, Jock, and Trusty are hanging out at Disneyland; "Lady and the Tramp" was released just before Disneyland opened, so I wonder if this card dates from 1955? My understanding is that this is a fairly scarce postcard.

I hope you have enjoyed this odd collection of stuff!


Capt. Tomorrow said...

If only the Carnation Cafe would reopen with the items from the old menu; perhaps not all but maybe some. And if not some, at least bring back the Fantasia ice cream.

Gojira said...

I'll have the Chili and Beans and a Castle Special sundae with FIVE scoops of ice cream! And I'll bet those were 5 generous scoops too!

Can you imagine handing out vitamins -- now-a-days drug reps can't even hand out pens and notepads!

sb-illustrations said...

Gojira......Given the situation in the drug rep' business, try finding a drug rep! A few thousand layoffs are in the works!
Major....If my memory is correct, were the vitamins a dark shade of red ? Similar in shade to a kidney bean?

Major Pepperidge said...

Capt. Tomorrow, that would be awesome! Why didn't I think of that. Of course it will never happen (frowny face).

Gojira, I can't imagine eating a bowl of chili and then a 5-scoop sundae! Stay off the teacups...

sb-illustrations, the vitamins that I have are black. Maybe they changed color over the last 40 years, but I can't detect a trace of red at all.

Nanook said...

And lets not forget the rainbow-colored C&H sugar "crystals" contained in its own little apothecary glass jar, available in a variety of sizes, from the candy store on main Street. Whom among us still has one of those beauties-?

Anonymous said...

While I can not prove it, I will vouch that the vitamins that I obtained around 1970 were red. Being a CM at the time, I had a family supply for free. Too bad I didn't keep the packaging. Have a few of empty glass containers though. Great find!

Hannahx2 said...

I'd order the 2000 A.D. Special but I'm pretty sure it would't taste too fresh by now :D The future is a bit expired.

Anonymous said...

The menu prices are all under $1.
Just trying to recall if there is anything on any menu at DL today that's less than a dollar?

Bill in Denver

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I have never seen one of those, but would love to have one!

Anon, well, my vitamins are a poisonous looking black. Red would be cool - of course it is very possible that they were available in more than one hue.

Hannahx2, it's hard to believe that the "year 2000" is in the past!

Bill, I guarantee that there is nothing available for less than a dollar.

Connie Moreno said...

WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

The postcard menu is such a cool idea! I wish they still made those!

I'm trying to imagine what the "Cheeseburger Size" under "Specialties" is. Is that just a different size cup of soup?

SGV said...

I remember the vitamins as a honey brown. What I remember most of all is that in the last one or two years that Upjohn gave away the vitamins, they were orange "chewable" vitamins, not unlike the Flintstones vitamins, etc. out today. I remember this clearly, because, I was a young stupid kid, and I ate them like candy. I remember puking in the Adventureland/Frontierland men's room. My puke was florescent orange. I wondered at the time if it would have glowed in Rainbow Caverns. - True story

BTW. I had many a Matterhorn Sundae

JG said...

Late to comment, but thank you for the vitamin bottle!

I had many of those, once upon a time, now lost. Like so much else.


I appreciate it, Major!