Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Frontierland

Here are a few "leftuggies", leftover slides that need a home and someone to love.

Say, that cabin across the way is on fire! And fire is cool, right Bevis? This photo was taken from the Disneyland Railroad (circa 1967); we usually see the burning settler's cabin from the viewpoint of one of the river craft.

For years, Tom Sawyer Island had several landings for the rafts; I think at times there were as many as three different places you could catch a Huck Finn raft over and back. I'm not sure exactly where this landing was, but assume that it was somewhere on the western shore. They should do away with the rafts altogether and use giant slingshots. Genius!


Chiana_Chat said...

I like these leftuggies. They make me wanna be there.

Gasp! Is that a dead settler I see in the top pic!? O. Protect our gentle youth. And the environment. Make it an idealized cottage with cute animals. Oh... done deal huh? Yayyyy

Um. Think I'd rather raft than slingshot! Besides, if they did that, they might RocketRod it, leaving no way to get to the island for generations. Looks like blue stripe boy might just jump and swim out to meet us. If'n he does, red pants lady looks likely to straighten him out.

Sigh. Methought 1 CAPTCHA word was too many for someone already logged in to type every time.

Rich T. said...

Did anyone else--even as a kid--feel weird when passing by the burning-cabin-with-the-poor-dead-guy-with the-arrow-in-his-chest (BCWTPDGWTAIHC) and just cruising serenely along? I mean, shouldn't the Captain stop and order the crew to bury the guy and put out the fire or something? But, no, we're all too busy strutting about in our white suits twirling our parasols.

Chiana_Chat said...

Ha! Even as a kid I intuitively knew it was a tableau (not by that word of course) being Disneyland and all. Anyway my mum didn't raise no slob - my white suit was to stay white, not be sullied by digging graves or firefighting and parasols were kept twirling. Always with the twirling. ;p

I think Blue Bayou fooled dad though, quite embarrassing when he waded out to the houseboat shack to help teach that old bayou man how to finish O Susanna.

Melissa said...

I'm pretty sure they traveled by slingshot in Mark Twain's books. That's how that Finn kid came to be called "Huck."

Thufer said...

"Hard facts" come alive (well, come dead) in Frontierland. I agree with China_Chat, we must protect our YOUTS.

Major Pepperidge said...

Chiana, I've always heard that the dead settler wasn't the problem, it was explaining HOW he died (without offending anyone) that was the problem. Not sure that makes sense though, since by the end they explained his death as the result of his moonshine still exploding.

Rich T., even now I drive right past dead guys (arrow or no arrow). I don't want to miss a minute of "Glee"!

Chiana again, I agree, I'm pretty sure I was aware that the dead guy wasn't real. And white suits are best worn when eating ribs.

Melissa, I think I remember that part of Twain's book! Thanks for the reminder!

Thufer, the "hard facts" refers to math. Everyone knows math is hard. Dead guys were just old west decor.