Monday, January 16, 2012

Special Guest Monday! Knott's Berry Farm (part one)

For today's "Special Guest Monday", GDB reader Bill Youmans was kind enough to share some of his family's color photos from Knott's Berry Farm, circa June 1966.

Let's start with the great picture of Bill's sister Barb (age 5 here), standing next to her new friend. From the look on his face, he is enjoying having his noggin scratched; if only she had a carrot, everything would be perfect!

One of the sturdy little mine trains is just about to enter the Calico gold mine! Did you ever get the feeling that everyone is looking at you?

These guys are getting pretty fresh, but Nell and Belle have seen it all and can take care of themselves. In fact, they seem to be enjoying themselves. I emailed Bill to ask him about these follows, and here's what he had to say: "...that's my dad Ray on the left, and his buddy Rich (with glasses) on the right. They are both professionals (dentist and college professor), so its really funny to see them so out of character. And since we have the slides, my mom must have taken the picture!! They are really enjoying themselves! We drove to California from Kansas to visit Rich and his family, and they took us to KBF while we stayed with them in Long Beach. My recollection is that my father and Rich had known each other since the Army, and Rich had lived in Kansas near us and had moved to California in 1964, so my folks decided to visit them on our summer vacation in 1966. I believe my parents still get Christmas cards from Rich and Lois, so they are still in Long Beach and doing well!" It's so great that everyone is still around, and that they've been friends all these years.

Here comes the Stage Coach! They only lost 2 passengers on the journey this time - they were being chased by a pack of hungry wolves, and the guy who is waving pushed two nuns off the top of the coach. They were gobbled up in a trice, and the coach got away. When you think about it, "waving guy" is a hero.

You can't have photos from Knott's without a picture of Handsome Brady and Whisky Bill, loitering in front of the Gold Trail Hotel as usual. It's a good place to pick up half-smoked ceegars. Bill (our contributor) is to the left in his stylin' straw hat, his mom (Marian, now age 87!) is in the middle, and Barb has climbed way up Whisky Bill.

MANY THANKS to Bill Youmans! I'll have more of his Knott's slides to share with you next week.


Connie Moreno said...

Yes, many, many thanks to Bill for sharing!

Oh and the guy that pushed the two nuns? I hired him. Those nuns were from my elementary school and they hated me, LOL!

Gojira said...

Thanks to Bill and The Major! It is nice to have names and some history behind this series of slides. I look forward to seeing the rest!

RemainSeatedPlease said...

In the history of the old west and stage coaches, we often hear about the shotgun rider. His was the flashy job, sitting up next to the driver, a double-barrel "scatter gun" casually cradled in his lap. But of equal (some would say greater) importance to the protection of the stage was a less celebrated hero. A hero who faced hostile indians, dangerous highwaymen, merciless bushwackers, and wild animals all with the same aplomb. And when the stage is swaying and bouncing and leaping like it means either to take flight into the sky or break into kindling and splinters, and the horses, nostrils flaired and hooves flashing, are pulling like demons; when the driver's hands are closed like vises on the reins, and the shotgun rider and passengers can do nothing but hold on for dear life; when the air is choked with dust, and bullets, and fear, then what does our man reach for? What weapon does our hero have to employ against the many threats? Nun!

Thank you, Major and Bill, for sharing these vintage shots of Knott's. I enjoy all the wonderful photos posted on GDB, but it's a little more fun when we know who is in them and have a little background story of the people featured.

Nancy said...

nice pictures today!

a bit odd looking that they used such a modern set of stairs to alight from the stagecoach! if not for that, it really looks like the Old West!

thanks to Bill for sharing these with the Major so he could share them with all of us!

Anonymous said...

The Major is the best - can't wait to see what's next for this family outing!

Bill in Denver
(the little guy in the straw hat)

Chris Merritt said...

These are great!