Monday, January 30, 2012

Jungle Cruise, May 1965

Howsabout some scenes from the fabulous Jungle Cruise?

There's the "lost safari", so I guess we found 'em. That rhinoceros has chased them up that tree, and when they finally grow weary, he will gobble them up. Because that's what rhinos do.

You'll just have to take my word for it when I tell you that there is a group of headhunters behind that foliage. Headhunters are cool! So are shrunken heads, which are the perfect accessory for any season. They never go out of style!

Schweitzer Falls! I've always wondered if that "back side of water" gag was written by Wally Boag; it is funny and corny, which seems to be his trademark. Does anybody know?


fuzzhead said...

Shrunken head are cool! Especially hanging from your rear view mirror.
Or if fuzzy dice is more your style, That Tribe is around the next bend..

Nancy said...

the headhunters are obviously practicing "how no to be seen" ala Monty Python...and doing a pretty good job of it I'll say!

I never thought about who wrote the spiels and stories we hear on the attractions....that is a darn good question :-)

thanks for the sunshine..*sigh* ..its about 24 degrees here at the moment.

Chiana_Chat said...

^ Hug for Nancy. It's about that here but that's because it's 0:2earlyinthemorning.

@ fuzzhead - lol!

JG said...

Great pictures of a difficult-to-photo attraction.

And a great question, Major. I have seen full script versions posted at "Stuff From The Park", but I don't recall that they had authorship noted.

I agree, that particular line is reminiscent of Mr. Boag's style. I like the current line about the
"ancient Cambodian Shriners"...I don't recall that one from youth.

I am not sure that there is a "definitive" version any more, either, some of the bits seem interchangeable from trip to trip and varying with the changing scenes.

The blogger at "Jungle is 101" might know, he seems to be a JC oldtimer. He had pieces of one spiel that was all jokes about bread and dough, etc. which I remember hearing before.


RemainSeatedPlease said...

Jungle Cruise! I love the Jungele Cruise. In the picture of the Lost Safari, you can practically see Marc Davis' signature in the corner. And, of course, the rhino will get his point across in the end.

@JG - Back in '78 and '79, I worked the JC and used the "ancient Cambodian shriners" line myself. Don't remember who I stole it from. All my best lines were ones I "borrowed" from other skippers. That was my spiel - boldly stolen and badly told.

Melissa said...

I haven't heard the joke about Dr. Albert Falls since the Eighties. I wonder if some of them just fall out of fashion, according to the taste of each new generation of skippers.

Anonymous said...

Certainly was in fashion during my tenure (1970-1977) as a skipper. One day making the turn I noticed the falls had shut down...which happened when we had very windy Santa Anas. The debris in the river would clog the filters and stop the pumps. I just ad libbed that it was 'dry because we were always dry on Sunday'. Don't remember if I got a response but thought it was clever since it WAS Sunday. As for Wally's contribution, I can't confirm it.

Chuck said...

If nobody else will take credit for it, then I'll come clean - I suggested the gag to Wally Boag.

walterworld said...

Our photographer must have been sitting at the back of the boat.

Always like sitting there as you have un-obstructed views of all the scenes that the boat just passed.

One day a few years back I was over at Trader Sam's house for dinner, and afterward I mentioned that his wife had made an excellent meal; he replied: "Yes, but I'm sure gonna miss her..."

Major Pepperidge said...

walterworld - OUCH!