Friday, January 13, 2012

"Fantasy" Shop, April 29 1956

Happy friday the 13th, everyone! You've got time to spend a minute or two in Fantasyland, circa 1956, haven't you?

Walking through Sleeping Beauty Castle puts you right in the thick of Fantasyland. The three guests in the middle of the picture are wondering which direction to go, since they've never been to Disneyland before! I've always liked the way the building in the background jut out from the castle walls (just like in real medieval towns, apparently). Notice that the shop is called "Fantasy of Disneyland" - eventually renamed "Tinker Bell Toy Shop".

Here's a closer look. First of all, that lady is rockin' the head scarf or babushka or whatever it's called! I wonder if she is Russian Orthodox? The shop window has three creepy mannequins, modeling tasteful fashions for girls. "Marsha"!

You know it, you love it, it's the Chicken of the Sea pirate ship! I call chickens "fish of the land", which is weird and annoying.


Connie Moreno said...

Where do I begin? OK...I was admiring their shoes - somebody obviously told them NOT to wear heels to Disneyland! Then I noticed the shop window. WHAT THE HELL? They sold clothes back then? Weird. Pirate ship: WOW, so much to see! I am digging the fashions of the day.

JG said...

Nice picture of old Fantasyland.

Was that square tower on the corner the one that was part of the Welch's Grape Juice stand? The wall murals in there, from "Fantasia" were really exotic, with topless lady centaurs etc. It would be great to see vintage pics of those. Do you know if anyone has some?

I never suspected that store carried ladies fashions, I guess the revision of this area to the BibbiDi Boutique (how I hate that term) has roots in the past.

You are right, in medieval times, when I was younger, the huts of the poor were often erected right against the wall of the castle or keep, or eventually, the walled city, using the stone wall as the inner side of the living space. These little "add-ons" in Disneyland are a bit fantastical in design, but are accurate in spirit.

Pirate ship always makes me happy. When I am dictator of the world, I will rebuild that ship and put my office in the back, where the big window is, looking out on my own Skull Rock where I can imprison Captain Hook for having "bad form".

I will invite you and Thufer to come over for coffee.

Re: "Fish of the Land". Try referring to the ship as the "Camel of the Sea". That will definitely add to the odd looks you will get.

Thank you Major, for another trip back. Lots of fun today.


David said...

You just know those creepy looking mannequins heads probably swirl around and speak in tongues.

Personally, I love that black coat the lady is wearing. Very stylish.

Tom said...

A Twilight Zone reference. I love it!

I'm having a hard time placing where that shop is. I think I need another trip to Disneyland real soon to be sure.

Major Pepperidge said...

Connie, it doesn't even look like those clothes feature a single Disney character - that's the weird thing!

JG, I did not know about the Fantasia murals in the Welch's building - man do I wish I could see those! I'm sure they looked great.

David, all the mannequins would have to do is subtly look at you. That would be freaky enough!

Tom, this is the view you would have seen almost immediately after walking through the castle into Fantasyland, in the courtyard before it opens out into the area where the dark rides are.

Gojira said...

When I saw the lady with the "hair bag" - it made me think of Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein -- I think two female characters in the film wear something like that.
I didn't know they sold non-Disney clothing like that in the park. Speaking of Disney clothing -- I was to a local antique shop and in a display case is a pair of blue shorts that were used on the Mickey Mouse Club show -- they have a patch for the club on the one leg. They look to be in good shape. I don't see much California Disney stuff in my antique excursions here in central PA.

dfan07 said...

If you want to see the Welch's mural, follow the link below.

Major Pepperidge said...

Gojira, I wonder if you could somehow determine if those shorts were the real thing? And how the heck did the get to Pennsylvania?

dfan07, THANKS!

JG said...

Dfan07: Thank You! I have not seen this since before the change to Fantasyland. How wonderful!

Still seems a little risque, but what the heck, I'm old enough now.

Straight to the slideshow!