Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A Trip To Disneyland, July 1958 - Part Thirteen

We're still in Tomorrowland, or rather over it, as we come close to wrapping up the slides from this great trip to the park. I'm not superstitious about it being number 13 either!

The Skyway is heading towards its final destination, so our photographer fired off several shots as fast as he could. Looking slightly to the left, we see the Autopia, and the Disneyland Railroad sitting at modest Tomorrowland Station. Beneath us you can see the Viewliner track encircling the lake, and unless my eyes deceive me, you can see a tiny, itty-bitty sliver of the Viewliner in the lower right corner. Arg! It's the only view we get in this entire lot.

Panning quickly to our right, there's the Space Bar, a single Astro Jet, and the Administration Building backstage. Does that structure still stand?

Mr. Wiggins, loyal reader of this blog, used his time and Photoshop expertise to try to "de-blur" the closeup view of the Flight Circle featuring Coxpilot (and friends). I think he did a fine job! Thanks, Mr. Wiggins!


walterworld said...

Hey--- There's the top of the 'Sands Motel' sign directly above the last pyramid shape on the Space Bar sign, in the second to last picture.

The Sands was one of the first Harbor Blvd motels and it's site is now the home to the Camelot Inn (former Park Inn).

Great shots all...Too bad the Viewliner escaped!

Thufer said...

as really cool these are; what is amazing is outside the berm. just a capture of a world no more.

Katella Gate said...

Thanks for applying your amazing de-bluring ray gun to that picture, Professor Wiggins! Much better.

Chiana said...

Thanks Mr. Wiggins!

Gosh the Skyway/snack bar. Looks I could walk over there, get a snack (including a genuine Coke without corn syrup!) and head on past to do my laundry. hehe

mr wiggins said...

Great posts major. Thanks KG & Chiana, and thanks to major for the incredible scans. One of these days a slide will be discovered where we can see the whites of Coxpilot's eyes! :D

Nancy said...

these are great! the Space Bar looks so inviting in the bright sunshine :) and i also love seeing the world beyond