Saturday, May 09, 2009

Two From August, 1959

It's the hub, bub! Nothing too extraordinary about this photo, although it is a nice one. I like the three ladies to the right, each with a different souvenir hat. And the Omnibus has a banner celebrating the new 1959 attractions (looks like there are also various small flags leftover from the day of the "rededication" two months earlier.

There's a Conestoga Wagon, trundling along the dirt trail near the shore of the river. The wagons were painted a lovely cobalt blue in 1956 after the opening of the movie, "Westward Ho! The Wagons" in 1956. [That's right, I said 1956 twice in the same sentence!!]. In the lower right [arg, I mean left!] corner, you can see ferocious deer. Looks like it smells blood!


Anonymous said...

There's another deer in the lower left corner, seems harmless enough.

1959. When the mountain was new.

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Holy Moses Major, you have really posted some great gems this past week! Including a sliver of the Viewliner. Better than no Viewliner at all. lol Glad to be back, Richard.

Katella Gate said...

Look at that picture of the Matterhorn and tell me Disney didn't know what they were doing!

Beautiful sight lines from the hub, beautiful landscaping in the midground left, and enough human/architectural interests in the foreground right to draw you in.

This could easily be a postcard, or an illustration in a textbook.

Major Pepperidge said...

Man, I must be dyslexic, I can't tell you how often I write "left" when I mean "right", and vice/versa!!

Can you tell that I wrote this one in a hurry? Arg!

Hank Breckenridge said...

Yes but in those pictures from 50 years ago, pretty much all that is left is the Matterhorn, right?
Get it? Left, right?

Anyway love the hats, love the pictures, keep 'em comin'.

Nancy said...

a nice study in blue...

a beautiful blue sky as we enjoy a fabulous view of Matterhorn Mountain, blue umbrellas and a pretty blue hat for shade as we stroll around the Hub

a paler blue sky highlighting the Columbia, a bright blue wagon for our ride thru the Old West

did i mention that i like blue? these are great! :)

Chiana said...

Oo nice Nancy. Love the post. :)

Nice pics too, bub! Trundling. I can see the guide books "Conestoga Wagons: Go a-trumblin' over wilderness trails in a pioneer wagon."