Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Trip To Disneyland, July 1958 - Part Fourteen

It's the penultimate posting of images from the 1958 tour of Disneyland! Today's pictures are a bit out of order, but somehow life will go on.

This is a nice overview of the classic Autopia, with its winding clover-leafs and hilly landscaping. I love the cool Richfield sign with the futuristic space station! Looks like that might be the new Fred Gurley - new to Disneyland that is. The locomotive was built in 1894, but made its debut in Anaheim on March 29, 1958. Beyond the berm, farmland as far as the eye can see.

Here's a familiar view... we're heading over Snow Mountain, looking back towards Main Street, with the fairly new Monsanto House of the Future below.

And lastly (for today), a fun shot looking up and mom and junior. Dad would do anything for a fun photo, including chasing the Skyway from one end of the park to the other! We (Speedy and I) salute him.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

"Here's a familiar view" looks fairly rare to me, usually the HOF is photographed from the front (does it have a front?) I love those square sunshades!!!

Katella Gate said...

Ditto on HOTF: Frequently photographed, but never from this angle. Interesting backstage look at the opera house too.

BTW, what's the light on the top of the skyway bucket for?

Anonymous said...

That light on the top of the skyway bucket would come on whenever someone in the bucket had a good idea.

Katella Gate said...

"That light on the top of the skyway bucket would come on whenever someone in the bucket had a good idea."LOL Anonymous. Thanks.

TokyoMagic! said...

Hey, how did the dad get the aerial shots from the Skyway AND the shot of his family inside the Skyway bucket taken from the ground? I guess after chasing that bucket across the park, he "forced" his wife and son to ride back with him so he could get those shots....or maybe he made them run across the park chasing HIS bucket while he took the aerial photos.

Chiana said...

Banner announcing the new Grand Canyon diorama on the train station... such a neat idea! "Let's board the train for a scenic excursion"

Neat HOF pic - wow what a neat perspective. Askew or whatever, these pics offer their own advantages. Think I'll desktop it. :)

*waves to skyway bucket

Nancy said...

so where there 2 different loading stations for the Autopia? i guess im used to the side by side version

love the HOF, looks a bit small there among the trees and a great image of the contrast between the past and the future