Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random Thursday

I've got four random photos for you today!

First up, the Mine Train emerges from beneath a tunnel, while pack mules ply the trails above. I'm trying to figure out where this photo was taken from... does anybody have a guess? I believe that Cascade Peak is to our left, so perhaps our shutterbug was aboard a Keel Boat.

The Fred Gurley is waiting at the station while quite a few crazy people are already leaving the park. What gives! It's hard to tell, but the clock on the train station appears to say 4:45.

Here is a picture of the little Bavarian cottage that I live in, and where I produce all of the very best posts on this blog. The bad posts are written at my other home in Van Nuys.

Things are quiet on the river today! I am reasonably sure that this photo was taken while the park was open, but there is not a soul to be seen. Any moment now, I expect fleash eating zombies to emerge from the water, hungry for brains.

And finally, I would like to join my bloggy brethren in encouraging you to check out John Delmont's new DVD, "The Secret Tour of Disneyland".

I watched it in its entirety one weekend (it's almost 2 1/2 hours long!), and found it to be well photographed and charmingly hosted by John's daughter Lauren. And best of all, I learned about more than a few Disneyland secrets that I had never heard of before - I didn't think that was possible! For those of you with steel-trap memories and a sharp eye, keep a lookout for images that have appeared on this blog, as well as Matterhorn1959's and Daveland's.

You can take a look at some of the footage at's store HERE.

And you can watch it on YouTube as well, click the link HERE!

I really think that Disneyland fans will enjoy it.


TokyoMagic! said...

Major, I think you are right about Cascade Peak being to the left. That tunnel should be one of the two that still exist today. It's entrance is boarded up and faces Big Thunder Mountain (NOT the one that used to have a piece of the original tressel attached, but the other tunnel that is closer to the Mark Twain dock.)

Chiana said...

Love the view of Cascade peakside. That is one wittle boy on that thar mule behind the leader... kinda brings home that the folks working that ride had lots of responsibility.

The guy on the left exiting Disneyland is smiling because he knows, his camera bag contained the negs for slides we would be enjoying 50 years later on this blog. What he didn't know was that the slides going onto this blog were going to be from the dude hanging around the exit snapping him in a pic. His slides were dumped by his grubby brother's grandson! :p

Lookit the little painted details like the rooster on that miniature... could ya even see it from the boats? I couldn't. Not even if I wore my monocle.

Van Nuys!

Incredible pic of the ROA. Wow how it had filled in. Looks "picture perfect" but how in the world did they get it with no sign of a soul?! Brains! nommnomm.

Bless you Maj, making me smile. :)

mr wiggins said...

Major, that shot of the river is absolutely beautiful!! The south end of the island in all its pre-Fancraptic glory (sorry, folks)... and the lack of a railing around the river, identifying the photo as from that ancient time in the evolution of humanity when people had not yet developed the instinct to fall into the water and sue.

Anonymous said...

Those people leaving the park early are the Mean People! If you've been alive for any length of time, then you know who they are. And please don't mention flesh eating zombies or, next thing you know, they'll add them to Pirates of the Caribbean or possibly It's a Small World or possibly a new Tomorrowland: Now Under the Management of Flesh Eating Zombies (the future you definitely weren't expecting).

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Pic #1, Tokyo Magic has got to be right, that spot is still there.

Pic#2, No one every "leaves" the park, that photo is propaganda produced by the zombies.

Pic#3, Yup, that's Major house alright. His house in Van Nuys has a moat and a draw bridge.

Pic#4, My new desktop wallpaper, Thanks Major!

Anonymous said...

From a former MT operator, that is indeed the exit from the second tunnel as the train moves into the Cascade Peak area on the left of the photo. This had to have been taken from the river.

As for TSI, this could have been taken early morning. During my time at the Park, TSI would open later in the day...up to 2 hours after rope drop.

Anonymous said...

To avoid confusion, I should add that the first tunnel transitioning from Rainbow Ridge no longer exists.

Chiana said...

Anonymous MT operator - thank you for your posts! It's such a one of a kind place and time. Enjoy all sorts of details about it. :)

Vintage DT - LOL that's funny. By the way. We have the same desktop. ;)

Mr. Wiggins - ain't it the truth.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if a guest ever did fall into the river (accidentally or otherwise) and sue?

Nancy said...

i checked out the video clips...very cool! im going to have to put that on my list of "things i want"

as i was looking at the folks exiting the park at only 4:45, made me wonder what kind of park hours there were back then. i have the repro map we got at the park entrance on the 50th, July 17, ill have to dig it out and look...

it also made me think about how ppl like me go there for a vacation and visit the park 5 or 6 days in a row when back then it was probably just a once or twice a year visit, like going to the zoo

im hoping to make it back there next year!!

Chris Merritt said...

Heya Dave -

There is a fun map of Nature's Wonderland I did that was published in the "E" Ticket that you can reference to see where that tunnel was - but I disagree with Anonymous - to further clarify, it's the tunnel out from Rainbow Ridge, overlooking Beaver Valley, and heading into Cascade Peak. Beaver Valley was a very small area - but if you take a look at the section from the map, you can see that this shot was likely taken from atop the pack mules, heading the opposite direction from the ones across from the photographer. Just my two cents! I'll email Dave the section from the map.

Major Pepperidge said...

Hey Chris,

I remember the map, and at one point when I was at your house you said you could give me a much bigger reproduction of it (possibly uncolored? I sort of forget). Anyway, when you get back in 2011 I'd still like one!

Anonymous said...

Negative Chris. There was no waterfall in that small area that you are referring to and as shown in the photo. Maps are not exact recreations. Beaver Valley was to the right of the train and shielded from the river so this photo could not have been taken...nor could the guests looked left out to the river at that point.


Chris Merritt said...

Hi Anonymous -

OK - I'm gonna backtrack! You are right - Beaver Valley was viewed on the right side! I did do that map off the original blueprints though - so my map should be pretty accurate. In any case - I have the high rez files backed up on my external hard drive - I'll check 'em later. But for now I'm gonna flip flop & say that Anonymous is right!