Monday, May 04, 2009

Golden Horseshoe, August 14 1956

Disneyland was just over a year old when these two photos were taken. The Golden Horseshoe Revue was considered a "must see" attraction back in those days - - before kids turned their brains to mush with rock music and television!

The Mark Twain is returning to the dock, and there is a small group awaiting the next voyage around the Rivers of America. There aren't too many people there, considering that it is mid-August (each slide was carefully hand-dated). What gives? In any case, now that we've seen the untamed wilderness, we are glad to be back in civilized company. Let's go see the rootin' tootin' show over at the Golden Horseshoe!

Any vintage interior shot of the GHR is welcome, even if it's not the best photo in the world! There's a very young looking Wally Boag holding one of his balloon animals (an ephemeral souvenir if there ever was one). I love the painted stage curtain with vignettes from the wonderful Pecos Bill cartoon. The audience has it's share of crew-cut kids, and one towhead with a cowlick barely in control.


Chiana said...

Wow that top one has such a nice patina to it. clicky - ding - Desktop! You don't see many interiors, especially with cowlicky towheads, so the bottom one's neat too. :)

Katella Gate said...

Just think what a real 1950's Wally Boag balloon animal would be worth, even completely deflated! (provided it was signed LOL)