Thursday, May 07, 2009

Lots of Parking, September 1964

Photos of the old Disneyland parking lot have proven to be more popular than I ever would have expected, so hopefully today's main photo will bring joy to the hearts of millions.

We've seen this nice lady on board the Columbia, and in Tomorrowland in front of the House of the Future, and shaking hands with a monkey on Main Street. We're talking two different trips, you understand! But before she got there, she had to brave the vast Disneyland parking lot.

I'm a bit discombobulated, does anyone know what part of the lot she is standing? There isn't much to go by, I admit. You can see the striped tram back there, she'll never make it.

If I zoom in we can try to make out what the distant buildings are to the left, while there appears to be exposed, diagonally-crossed steel beams, part of a railroad bridge, to the right.

Well, wherever she was, she's arrived at the entrance, and is celebrating by hangin' with Pluto.


Parr King said...

That's got to be on the west side of the parking lot, isn't that where you would maybe glimpse the train making a turn into Frontierland station? I'd say they are near where Naples is today

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, isn't that the RR bridge from your March 27, 2009 post? I think this would be the western end of the parking lot after the Haunted Mansion facade was built, but before the show building was constructed.

Chiana said...

*waves to Pluto and his new owner

Can still see fins on a few cars. :)

Katella Gate said...

I think the parking lot shot is from the "Eeyore/Flower" section, right around where the Indiana Jones attraction is now. The bridge in berm looks similar to the Haunted Mansion trestle, but I think it's a back stage access point under the berm, behind the Jungle Cruise.

Thufer said...

of the original 160 acres; 100 were set for parking. walt knew!
parking lot pictures are 'E' ticket yummy. thanks so much for these.

in order:
1- a parking lot is a better use of 100 acres than the second gate.
2- people mover is better than an empty miss use of space.
3- thank you suits for the return of Mr. Lincoln.
1 out of 3 not bad.

Anonymous said...

That is indeed the RR bridge which carries the train over the hallway as you walk to your Doom Buggy. When riding the train you could look through the girders out to the Disneyland Hotel. It was this way for a few years while the HM construction was stalled for a redesign.

Nancy said...

a nice picture of the Mickey flower bed, AND a poster, too!! :)

always enjoy seeing the parking lot (any excuse to see cool cars)

thanks for these, Major