Thursday, March 31, 2016

More Devlin Family Photos - Part 09

Oh boy, it's time for another popular installment of Devlin family photos! These are the last from September 1961.

I love this fantastic picture of the Moonliner, with young Patrick posing near us. Notice that the rocket no longer sports the TWA lettering, as that company had ceased their sponsorship of the attraction (Douglas wouldn't begin their sponsorship until 1962). I love the group of pretty girls to the right, and the vivid colors. So great! 

This next one is not quite so spectacular, but it's still a nice "you are there" shot taken aboard the Jungle Cruise. I can't tell, is that the bull elephant, or his terrifying mother in-law? In just six years, the jungle was already surprisingly lush.

Never fear, there are more photos (from 1962) to come!

PS, I may as well break it to you now... there will be no special April 1st post tomorrow. Chalk it up to lack of time and inspiration!


Nanook said...

Once again Patrick color-coordinates his outfit to offset the 'red' highlighting of the Moonliner-! Major, you were sooo right in your comment from the last go-round of Devlin Family Photos: "...if there’s one thing a four year old knows, it’s fashion!" Proven here, yet again.

Thanks again Devlin's.

Chuck said...

That first one is gorgeous, but my favorite detail is Patrick's shirt. As a parent, keeping little boys' shirts tucked in was often an exercise in futility, and if they made an effort to keep at least the front tucked, I considered it a victory.

Once again, many thanks for sharing, Devlins!

K. Martinez said...

I thought the Moonliner looked a little different. I didn't realize the TWA lettering was removed before changing the paint scheme for Douglas. I like the contrasts in theme environment between the two photos. From the remote jungles of the world to trips in outer space. Only in Disneyland! Thanks Devlin Family and Major.

Unknown said...

That kid looks like a little thug. Probably has a box of Camel non-filters rolled up in his sleeve. Or maybe he just got back from his Grease audition.

I had no idea that the Moonliner changed to Douglas sponsorship that early. Another case of false memory telling me I remember the TWA lettering much later than actually occurred. And doesn't it look like the Skyway cable is empty of gondolas?

Anonymous said...

More wonderful photos, thank you.

@Patrick, put me down in the false memory camp. I seem to remember only the red TWA markings, and I don't recall the Douglas colors and markings at all, yet apparently those were the ones in place in 1965 which is the earliest visit I can date with certainty. I know I visited before '65, but can't confirm when.

I put the false memory down to a comic book which showed the red marks, and maybe the TWA logo, in a story about Mickey and Goofy in Tomorrowland where the rocket blasts off accidentally with the heroes on board.

I wish I still had that comic book. Does anyone remember it? It was a Gold Key comic, extra thick, all about Disneyland. I think there was a story for every land. Another story involved Mickey and Goofy climbing the Matterhorn.


Anonymous said...

I found the cover image of that comic >>

Walt Disney's Vacation in Disneyland, 1965.

Thanks all again, for the trip back.


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I always dress so as to coordinate with something that I will be standing next to in a few hours. This is what separates us from the animals. Except for the ones that can camouflage themselves.

Chuck, what is this “tucked in” that you keep referring to?

K. Martinez, I usually like to post two photos that are related in some way (besides the general “Disneyland” theme), but you’re right, it is fun to see the difference in today’s pair.

Patrick Devlin, it looks like he is about to demand some money to let us pass. The Douglas sponsorship only lasted four years, but then again, the TWA sponsorship only lasted five.

JG, I don’t think I ever saw the Moonliner with my own eyes; it was gone by my first visit to the park. But I always think of it with the TWA lettering.

JG again, I think I have that comic book somewhere - I have several comic books in which the characters visit the park - but they are probably in a box at my mom’s house.

walterworld said...

Another day, another fine post. So glad you keep going!

Thanks Major