Thursday, March 03, 2016

Even More Walt Disney World at Night, November 1970

Here are two more scarce night views of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom back when it was only a few weeks old.

This first one is one of my favorites, a fantastic look at the Frontierland Shooting Gallery! Because this was taken at night, we can really see the scenic backdrop.

It's a beautiful mountain snow scene, somehow fitting for a normally-hot Orlando. It's hard to make out targets, but I do see flying geese (or ducks), and what appears to be bison and elk/moose. There is still a Frontierland Shooting Gallery at the Magic Kingdom, but it now looks completely different, with a dimensional, spooky Southwest "Boot Hill" scene.

Next is this nice photo of the Main Street Christmas tree. Mr. X has described the crowds as heavy during his visit; something tells me that a holiday visit to the Magic Kingdom these days would be considerably more congested.

These are the last of the night photos, but never fear, there are 24 daytime photos from the same visit, coming soon.


Nanook said...


Once again, so much fun to see all these nighttime images from WDW. Yes, the holiday season these times is "just a bit" more populated than what can be seen here.

Thanks again Major & Mr. X.

K. Martinez said...

The Frontier Shootin' Gallery has the same style "wooden" posts with burs as the Shooting Gallery in Disneyland does. Glad to hear you have more daytime WDW coming. Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

Two days in a row of GAF logos in the Magic Kingdoms! I think this is a sign I need to pull out the View-Masters today. It'll be a good, practical test of just how much my eye has recovered.

Pegleg Pete said...

That Shootin' Gallery shot sure is fantastic! Thanks, Major. Can't wait for the daytime shots!

stu29573 said...

This year right before Christmas we waited almost an hour just to ride the Asto Orbiters. It was insane! NEVER AGAIN!It

DrGoat said...

Never go around Christmas. Learned the hard way about
3 years ago. Had to be led out through the cast members
area adjacent to the Jungle Cruise because there were so many
people on Main Street. A nightmare.
Good shot of the shooting gallery. Fond memories.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I only wish that there were more, but I guess I should count my blessings….

K. Martinez, I wonder if those posts were from the same diseased wood that was used in Anaheim? Or maybe that bumpy stuff is not that hard to find.

Chuck, now that you mention it, how is your eye doing? Hopefully you are back to 100%.

Pegleg Pete, I agree, that one is especially neat. Glad you liked that one!

stu29573, I can only imagine, based on what I’ve heard and read in recent years. I don’t understand why so many folks don’t seem to mind the “Times Square on New Years Eve” crowds.

DrGoat, the mere fact that both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom now need extra “exit corridors” for crowded days is very telling; by any standards, that means that there are too many people.

Chuck said...

Major, all things considered, I'm doing fantastic. The pupil doesn't contract all the way like it used to, which affects focus a bit and my ability to tolerate bright sunlight; some scar tissue in the outside corner of the eyelid and eyeball have grown together, which gives me an odd, tugging sensation when I look all the way to the left (but the double vision is gone); and the eyelid gets irritated and has to be salved three times a day.

That said, the docs are ecstatic about how well I've healed, and actually cancelled follow-up surgery that was scheduled for January because it isn't necessary. I'm OK with less surgery, and happy docs make me happy, too.

All in all, things could be so much worse - and there was a period where we all thought it was going to be. Thanks so much to all of you who spared a prayer or a good thought or two for my recovery; I firmly believe it made a difference.

As far as the View-Masters are concerned, well...I think age has finally caught up with me. The transparencies are too close to my eye to focus on them, even with my reading glasses. Probably going to need to invest in either of these:

In the mean time, my Stereo-matic 500 projector still works if I feel like dragging out the screen...

Anonymous said...

Great shots! The Frontierland shooting gallery at WDW was designed by the talented George Windrum, still alive and kicking at 88 years old in Glendale, CA.

1970 can't be correct, though.

K. Martinez said...

If I want to celebrate the holiday season at the Parks, I find that shortly after Halloween or early November when they first put the decorations up to be the best time to go. After that the crowds start building up. And forget Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas through New Years Day. At least that's been my experience.

Hey Chuck, thanks for the update on your eye status. I was wondering how you were doing with your eye sight. I'll still keep positive thoughts and prayers for your continued eye recovery.

Nanook said...

@ Ken-

My last trip to WDW was in 2012 - beginning the Saturday of the Thanksgiving weekend. I would have to say only the Magic Kingdom was approaching intolerability; and was still reasonably navigable. It does sound as though you have the best idea - timeframe-wise.

@ Chuck-

Good to hear about your continued improvements. A positive attitude (and happy docs-!) are always good things.

Matthew said...

Beautiful photos Major and thank you Mr. X.

I find it interesting that it is a snow scene that they are shootn' at. Makes me wonder two things... first, why snow (since Florida doesn't see that all too often - ice yes, frost, yes, hail, yes, snow...)? Second, it is Christmas... did they change the scene for the season? How cool would that have been?

Finally, I must admit that I like the ol' "Shootin' Gallery" when they had live ammo. I used to shoot into the water in front of the targets at the "Big Game Shoot" in Adventureland at Disneyland. I remember reading in Vacationland and the Disneyland Line how they had to repaint the gallery every night. Show standards were high and prices were reasonable... along with the crowds.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

walterworld said...

I remember the live ammo also! Loved both the Adventureland and Frontierland versions of the shooting gallery. Wonder when the bb's were discontinued? Late 70's?

Also remember that cool little gallery in the back of the Davy Crocket Frontier Mercantile(?)...the main place to the left when you go through the main entrance to Frontierland.

Thanks Major!

Major Pepperidge said...

Chuck, I am glad that your recovery has gone so well. Any time I hear about eye trauma, it makes me wince… ouch. And cancelled surgery is a good thing! Thanks for the link to that inexpensive focusing Viewmaster… I have a Model D, and it is nice, but I’d like to have a cheaper backup (or who knows, maybe it will become my main viewer).

Anonymous, you are correct, I mis-typed the year… it should read 1971 of course.

Nanook, I have the feeling that, in general, the Magic Kingdom is the more popular park among the four at WDW (I’m not counting the water parks, of course). I’ve never heard of Epcot getting too crowded, though I’m sure it happens. As for the others, I hardly hear about them at all!

Matthew, I can only guess that they chose a snow scene precisely because it is so different from the Florida climate. For just a few moments, sharp shooters are transported to the icy heights of the Rockies - a nice change of pace from the usual Southwestern Desert theme of many Western attractions.

walterworld, the live ammo was very cool, but in today’s world I can totally understand why it had to go away. I only knew about the Davy Crockett shooting gallery from a single photo that I’ve seen online.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick comment-- those photos can't be from November 1970. The Magic Kingdom opened October 1, 1971...