Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Snapshots, New Orleans Square & Castle, 1968

Today I am wrapping up a group of snapshots from 1968. They weren't great, but there were a lot of them! One of my favorites of the bunch is this shot from New Orleans Square, taken outside of the Blue Bayou restaurant, with the old entrance to Club 33 making a cameo appearance. It looks like a family is having a discussion, possibly deciding where to go next; or maybe the boys want to ditch mom and dad, and they are planning a meeting place for later.

This one is not one of my favorites! I suppose it is kind of an unusual angle, but somehow that doesn't help much in this case.


Nanook said...


I'm voting for 'ditching the parents.' What could be more fun-?

Thanks, Major.

K. Martinez said...

Looks like the tall one is holding a ticket book. I remember carrying those around and flicking through them to see what I had left. "Let's see, I have a 'C' coupon, time for a ride on the Autopia. And a 'D' coupon for the Skyway after that. Got to use this 'A' ticket, guess it will be Sleeping Beauty Castle or King Arthur Carrousel when I arrive in Fantasyland. So many decisions. Now I've got to visit a ticket booth for more 'E' tickets. Never enough of those". Such was a typical visit in those early years I visited Disneyland. Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I can only imagine being at the park with my parents when I was a teenager (or pre-teen)… I would definitely want to go off and do my own thing!

K. Martinez, yes, that’s what I thought at first; they are definitely checking out their ticket books. To this day my mom has an envelope full of “A” and “B” tickets (with a few C’s and D’s) that we never used; if the ticket system was still in use, I would definitely have taken advantage of those smaller attractions that used those less-popular tickets.