Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Flower Market, August 1971

Here's a lovely photo of the long-lived Flower Market on West Center Street (I believe it was first seen in 1958) - just look at those dazzling fake blossoms! I've always wondered how well they sold; apparently well enough to keep them there for almost two decades. I'd rather look at the artificial flowers as opposed to plush dolls or ODV carts, but I'm weird. You could even buy a plastic apple, orange, or banana; this is probably where the Swiss Family Robinson shopped for produce. 

According to some websites, the Flower Market moved from West Center Street to East Center Street in 1977. And yet... this photo (from 1971, like the previous one) shows that there were flowers for sale on East Center Street much earlier (there's the Hallmark store). I also noticed that this side of the street was already covered in brick pavers - something that I didn't think was used until decades later. 


Nanook said...


My sources say the Flower Market originally opened sometime in 1957. And thank you for answering the always troubling question as to where the Swiss Family Robinson shopped for all their produce - fresh or waxed. I must have not been at the park when Dorothy McGuire was thumping melons-!

Thanks, Major.

K. Martinez said...

Love the fake fruit and flowers, but as my grand pappy used to say "if you can't eat it or smoke it, what's the point?".

As for ODV carts, I do like the Main Street Fruit Cart. It's nicely themed and there were actually fruit carts back in the old days so it fits. In addition, I usually stop by there for a bottled water and/or some produce. It's healthier than what they usually sell at the other ODV carts.

Anonymous said...

I remember when the flower market changed sides, but wasn't sure of the year. It was a surprise, but made sense in light of expanding seating for the restaurant.

1977 was close to the end of my visits for almost 20 years, so I must have seen the Flower Market East in those two years (77-78), or three trips.

How long did it last on the east side after the move?

I do like that fruit cart, it's a good thematic touch and functional too, much like the Flower Mart was, and brings better food choices to French Fry Land. I just can't bring myself to pay those prices for an apple.


Melissa said...

It's the Lady in the Big Yellow Hat! Where's Curious Georgette?

Unknown said...

Nice, as always, Major. I've always remembered the Flower Market being on East Street, but that just speaks to a lack of memories from when I was really little. 1971 certainly sounds reasonable for me to have formed a memory of that location.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, OK, 1957 it is. “Thumping melons”… I am biting my tongue.

K. Martinez, ODV carts have their place of course; fruit is a nice option, though I go to the park so seldom that I am resigned to not eating healthy for one day!

JG, I believe that the flower mart left East Center Street in 1983. If I had my heart set on having an apple or orange while at the park, I’d probably bring one from home.

Melissa, she is unconscious from sniffing ether.

Patrick Devlin, I don’t have any personal recollection of either flower mart, though I certainly would have seen them in my early years.

Anonymous said...

The difference in the street - asphalt versus pavers - is probably explained by the fact the bottom photo appears to be of the Hallmark Card Shop in Walt Disney World, not Disneyland.

Major Pepperidge said...

Anon, WOW! I have to admit, whenever I looked at that photo, the orientation and appearance of the Hallmark shop just didn't look right; and yet, every other photo in this lot is definitely Disneyland. So I was fooled! Even though I am embarrassed, thanks for the correction!!