Sunday, May 10, 2015

Scary Chipmunk, May 1961

"Mitch, call sanitation, we've got a rodent infestation over by Dumbo. Terminate with extreme prejudice!"

Aw, don't terminate those chipmunks until I've had a chance to have my picture taken. THEN you can kill them. The man to our right is holding a large bag from the Hallmark shop on Main Street... it looks like it is full. What could be in it?

Alice loves all creatures, be they caterpillars, cheshire cats, march hares, or destructive, disease-carrying chipmunks. Remember that one cartoon in which they gave Donald Duck the Plague? Sure, it was funny, but that's not the point. 

And now for something completely different.... a nuclear submarine gliding through a tropical lagoon, passing through a mysterious waterfall into a world of undersea mystery.


Nanook said...


Nice Panama hat on that youngin'. I'm also thinking he's got a Kodak Starflex camera hanging around his neck. I hope he snapped some nice images while visiting the Happiest Place On Earth - like that gray, torpedo-like thing, in the last image.

Thanks, Major.

Dan said...

Love the submarine photo! Gorgeous look at one of the great spots in Disneyland.

And that is a scary chipmunk!

K. Martinez said...

Two Chips and a new Miss and sure doesn't look like Clarice.

I never noticed before that rockwork that juts up behind the main rockwork above the submarine fall near center of last image.

Thanks, Major.

Unknown said...

Gaze into my eyes! My dead, soulless eyes! You'll like it in here...

Probably not a lot of hugs being given out by these two.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I’m sure that the Panama hat is from one of the park’s souvenir hat stands. Kodak Starflex, never heard of those! That gray torpedo thing is totally tubular.

Dan, whenever I hear rumors that they might remove the submarine ride, I can’t help thinking how much I’ll miss that beautiful lagoon. So far it’s only been rumors!

K. Martinez, she doesn’t look like Clarice Starling at all! “Quid pro quo, Clarice!”. I forgot to mention those lanterns overhead, not sure I remember seeing them before, though they must have been there.

Patrick Devlin, Stanley Kubrick should have made a “Chipmunks” movie instead of wasting his time on things like “2001: A Space Odyssey” or “A Clockwork Orange”.

Anonymous said...

What a work of art the monorail beam is. An S-Bend, elevation change, and superelevation (lean) left and then right!

Melissa said...

The man to our right is holding a large bag from the Hallmark shop on Main Street... it looks like it is full. What could be in it?

Chipmunk poison?

Melissa said...

I have the strongest feeling I've seen those two ladies in the print dresses from the first picture on GDB before.

I loved the old Alice costumes with the natural hair.