Friday, May 01, 2015

Main Street Station and Exit, 1956

I've set the wayback machine to 1956 - destination, DISNEYLAND. We can't go inside the park though. Sorry,  this wayback machine still needs work.

I love this first shot, with a beautiful view of a chain link fence. Just look at it! Strong, yet light and airy, and its sturdy construction will last for years and years. It's so affordable too (made in the U.S.A!). And need I mention that it is gluten-free? After seeing all of that chain link, I am happy enough... I don't even need to go inside the park.

I suppose the C.K. Holliday is nice too, if you like that sort of thing!

It's hard to be 100% positive, but it looks like the clock says 2:20 (I have trouble with telling time) - it must be late in the year, or the shadows wouldn't be so long already. I always love seeing those uncomfortable, inefficient (but wonderful) yellow passenger cars that were built at the Burbank studio shop. 

Going home already? What could they possibly have to do that's more important than spending more  time at Disneyland? The kid seems happy though, he is enjoying his (extra super-long) felt pennant. Maybe he will tack it to his bedroom wall when he gets home, thereby diminishing its collector value in years to come.


Nanook said...


These images are so wonderful, showing a Disneyland just beginning to feel its oats.

And speaking of oats, thanks for the reminder about the 'gluten-free' qualities of chain link-! A friend of mine often joked about wanting to invent Edible Windshield Wipers - you know, not only can they squeegee your windshield of raindrops, but can also pull double-duty as emergency rations, should the vehicle become stranded. And thanks to you, I'll be certain they are Gluten-Free-!!

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

Perhaps the kid is happy because his family told him they were going to return later in the day. Perhaps they lied and just told him that so he would go willingly.

Steve DeGaetano said...

Thanks Major!

The first photo shows something of a rarity--the C.K. Holliday pulling the yellow Retlaw 1 train set. While it does make for a very nice combination, the E.P. Ripley usually pulled this train.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that there are no turnstyles or attendants at the exit.

K. Martinez said...

Chain-link fencing. I love it! You see, Major. I talked of gates without turnstiles in an earlier comment and little did I know they already had it back then. Although, it is just the exit gate. I also like the flowerbed fencing and love primitive Disneyland. Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, edible windshield wipers sounds like something I’ve seen in a movie. Laurel and Hardy, maybe! Licorice would work - but I hate licorice!

TokyoMagic!, little does the kid know that the family is taking him directly from Disneyland to military school.

Steve DeGaetano, thanks for pointing that out! Obviously I didn’t notice.

Anonymous, there is a cast member wearing the same “whites” as the old ice cream vendors wore, you can see him just behind the family that is leaving. Maybe he is making sure nobody sneaks in the exit?

K. Martinez, now I can’t help wondering when the exit turnstiles were put in. The flowers planted along the fence are roses… pretty, AND thorny!

Unknown said...

You can also see the Mickey Mouse Club flag flying over the Main Street station.

It looks like the cast member is a dustpan totin' sweeper. Maybe he's covering while the heavily-armed guard takes a bathroom break.

Melissa said...

Sis: Are we going to stand here all day while he does his little semaphore routine? Some of us have actual social lives with actual friends within our actual peer groups. Of course, some of us aren’t weird little flag-waving slobs, either.

Mom: Junior? Junior? Are you coming, Junior? Junie? Mother’s feet are tired, Junie. You remember what Mother told you about her feet, don’t you, Junie? Junie? Are you coming, Junior? Mother’s hat pin is giving her a bit of a head, Junie. Junie?

Sis: Maybe if you didn’t dress him up like an extra from H.M.S. Pinafore we wouldn’t be stuck out here re-enacting the wreck of the Hesperus instead of driving home like a normal family. Chuck and the gang are supposed to be picking me up at 4:00 to go to the malt shop.

Mom: Mom: Junior? Junie? Are you coming, Junior? Do you want Mother to ask Father to come over there, Junior? Mother will ask father to come over there if you don’t come over here, Junior.

Dad: The hell?

Sis: I mean, seriously. If he’s still acting like some kind of refugee from the chorus of Follow the Fleet when Chuck and the gang get to our house, I’m just going to pretend he’s some neighbor kid on a weekend pass from the State hospital.

Dad: Now, I’ve had just about enough out of the whole turkey-eating bunch of you...

Mother: Father, I think my hat pin’s gone through my scalp again.

Cast Member: *mutters*