Sunday, May 31, 2015

Randomness from March 13, 1958

I've been sharing photos from a batch of slides dating from March of 1958 for a while now. And almost all of the remaining slides are from the Rainbow Ridge Mine Train (this was before "Nature's Wonderland", of course); so today's images are the remaining examples that aren't from the Mine Train (with one exception that I am saving).

Here we are, aboard one of the Casey Jr. Circus Trains. I am assuming that the photographer is looking behind him/her, since Casey isn't visible at all (otherwise you would see his "smoky stack"). I have always loved the look of the little village where Cinderella and her cruel stepmother and stepsisters lived. I've been on this attraction at night, but can only assume (since I don't recall) that the houses would be lit from within. Which sounds pretty! Notice the canal boat to our right. 

Next is a typical view of Tom Sawyer Island as seen from the Mark Twain riverboat landing. Tom's Treehouse stands out like a sore, uh, treehouse, above the somewhat scrawny foliage. But eventually you would barely be able to see it from the shore!


This next one is for Matthew (aka "Amazon Belle") who asked about the life preserver that he noticed in the previous photo. It did appear to be wrapped around the tree trunk, but after zooming in (a LOT), it looks like it is merely hanging from the end of that railing. I suppose they really do have to consider the fact that somebody might fall into the water!


Nanook said...


Oh that first image-! With the tracks first heading into a slight incline, before they disappear as they descend through the opening in the stone trestle dissecting the scene. And then just for good measure, on our left - a miniature town; and then on our right - happy guests aboard a canal boat. What a truly unique and spectacular view. (And yes, the structures in Story Book Land have lights inside of them).

Great too, to see Tom Sawyer Island in its early days of 'saplings and small plants'.

Thanks, Major.

K. Martinez said...

That's definitely a shot taken from the caboose of the Casey Jr. Circus Train. I remember one time going on the Storybook Land Canal Boats sometime after midnight. Fantasyland was practically empty. and no Casey Jr. Circus Train was running. Storybook Land was so quiet and peaceful that it felt like we were truly in another world. Probably my most memorable experience on the attraction. Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

That first shot is truly amazing. I've occasionally wondered if I were shrunk down to the appropriate scale and started at the bottom of that road that has the pumpkin on it, would I be able to walk to the castle without leaving the road? Or are just the segments visible from the canal modeled? If it were my own train layout, I know I probably wouldn't add any more detailing than necessary, but, as I am well aware, this isn't my layout.

TokyoMagic! said...

Oh yeah, Chuck....there's the pumpkin coach! That's odd that it's at such a low level. Most pics show it on the bridge just above that road. I wonder where it sits in that scene today? I'll have to look for it the next time I'm at the park.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful faux-stone bridges. Nowadays their appearance has been degraded significantly as a result of the OSHA-mandated handrails on all of them.

Nancy said...

Nice view of the little village. the hill going up and then down that is the track reminds me of a storybook picture. really nice.

i dont remember ever noticing the treehouse before! where have I been??

Matthew said...

Thanks for those great pictures Major! Say, quick question... I'm looking at the photo of Tom Sawyer's Island... and can you tell if that life ring is wrapped around the trunk of that tree on the far left of the photo near the waterfront? If it is... what a great gag. It's interesting to note that dock on the right in Catfish Cove almost always had a life ring connected to it... but in this photo I don't see one. Don't fall in! But then again... explore and fall in if you have too. First Aid has a dryer.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Anonymous said...

Love Storybook Land. Yes, this pic is taken from the caboose, the best seat on the train.

The last time I rode (2013), the punkin coach was uphill of the stone bridge. The location in this picture is as low as I have ever seen it.

I'm not sure if the train or the boat is the best way to see SL, so I do both, twice, to be sure.

For my two cents, this is probably the best two rides in the Park. So simple, and so much to be gotten out of it. All the imaginary little people appear in your memory as the models bring the movies to life. Even better than the animatronic effects, in my opinion since you can create your own.

I am fortunate to have a picture of me taken by my Dad in the Tom Sawyer treehouse, and a picture of me, taken by my son 50 years later, in the same spot. Of course, I have my son's pic in the same place to complete the set. I'm surprised this attraction has lasted the years, every time we return, I expect to see it closed by "safety" concerns.

Thank you, Major. Very special shots.


Matthew said...

WOW! Thanks Major. I didn't expect that... but then again, you ALWAYS exceed expectations! : )

Don't grow weary of well doing!