Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Autopia, March 13 1958

This first photo was taken on a beautiful day, with the sun shining brightly on Disneyland, in spite of the dark clouds (and rain, probably) in the distance. I love the view of the elaborate pretzel of Autopia roadways. Look at how tall the berm is at that point! Gotta keep the outside world from spoiling things. I'll bet that this looked spectacular at night, with all of those mini street lights illuminating the roadway.

Hey, look, it's Frank Sinatra!

Look at those cute little vehicles; and... no guide rail! Lucky kids.

From the same lot comes this moody picture of Main Street Station, taken as the sun was on its way down. The sign on the steps informs us that the "S.F.&DRY Train" is closed due to the park's rehabilitation program. I would have been disappointed! Does anybody know if there was any significant change to the track layout (or whatever) that would have required the train to be closed in March of 1958?


Nanook said...


Now that's the kind of sky I want on display when I'm tooling-around the Autopia 'freeway'. And it's definitely raining in parts of the gray/black sky. Also of note, is the gardener evidently planting a tree in the first image.

And my guess as to why the SF&DL Railroad is closed was for the (about to open) Grand Canyon Diorama, on March 31st.

Thanks, Major.

K. Martinez said...

The Grand Canyon Diorama opened in 1958. Maybe it was closed due to its construction.

K. Martinez said...

Hey, Nanook! Looks like you beat me to it by seconds.

Melissa said...

Hey, look, it's Frank Sinatra!

"Say, can you direct me to the nearest Bing Crosby impersonator?"

The sign on the steps informs us that the "S.F.&DRY Train" is closed due to the park's rehabilitation program.

"Bing ain't gonna be on no DRY train anyway. Can you direct me to the WET train?"

I love the beautiful blue California skies in all these pictures! After finally starting our muggy New York summer, I had to dig the coat and umbrella back out this morning for 44 degrees and rain.

K. Martinez said...

@Melissa - Rain? Oh, how I wish it would rain here in DRY California.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, somehow Disneyland remained rain-free! I’m sure you are right about the Grand Canyon Diorama being the reason for the RR closure… thanks.

K. Martinez… wow, you and Nanook were neck and nook!

Melissa, yeah, I thought that was a weird abbreviation of “Disneyland Railway” (not Railroad?). I’ve also noticed that, in vintage photos at least, images from February and March tend to have extra-pretty skies. 44 degrees, I can’t even imagine after so many years out West.

K. Martinez, you said it! It feels like it will never rain again, sometimes.

Chuck said...

Major, you know that when it (eventually) rains in Southern California, it pours. Man, it pours...

I love that photo of the depot! The lighting makes it look like it belongs right next to Disneyland Paris' Phantom Manor.