Thursday, January 20, 2011


Welcome to Corriganville! We're in glamorous, exciting Simi Valley, and visiting a real movie ranch where countless westerns for TV and movies were filmed. Won't you please check out this post from eons ago? Then you will be hep to the jive.

I believe that this frontier town was known as "Silverton". You could expect to see stunt shows, gunfights, and other mayhem during your visit.

Those rocky hills are a familiar sight to me, and to anybody who drives highway 118 on a regular basis. I'm trying to figure out why this building has an upper balcony/deck, and yet there is no second floor or apparent way to get to the thing. Nevertheless, I'll bet more than a few stunt men fell off of it, mortally wounded by blanks.

This ranch house is just oozing frontier charm with its crooked windows and faux-adobe construction.

They must have spent at least $1.98 on that sign for Boot Hill! Pious folks were buried right along side horse thieves and other varmints.

Gram and Gramps are having a blast. I can tell! But they are from the midwest, and their emotions run deep.

See, I told you; look at Grandma's smile. She's even wearing a souvenir cavalry hat, while her daughter sports the latest in 1860's millinery.


Chiana_Chat said...

Oh! Thanks for the link to span the eons. Eons always do that to me.

Grandma and Gramps were there. They is why they frown. It is too unreal to accept and too real not to bring back bitter memories. Of bitter water and other bitter things.

The sign may have set them back $1.98 but at least they saved by using their black and white leather shoe polish for the paint. :p

Thanks for the pics Maj

Ian said...

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Katella Gate said...

Smart money says Ian's favorite tourist destination is Orlando...

Major: yeah, the balcony on that house doesn't make sense, but cameras like to look into corners, and see actors change direction.

So after the actor jumps from the balcony to the stockade perimeter to defend the fort, he can fall to the ground after taking an arrow in the chest.

Do that a few dozen times, you got yourself a western.

Major Pepperidge said...

Chiana, I bet your favorite singer is Eon Anderson from Jethro Tull. (Sorry, that was terrible I know).

Ian, say hello "Babette", who left similar comments a few days ago.

Katella Gate, yes, you are on to him!
As for westerns, wouldn't you rather have car chases and giant CG robots and 'splosions?

Anonymous said...

In the late 50s, Corriganville was also a popular spot for, er, "cheesecake" photography. If you google corriganville (and set the content filter to allow grown-up stuff,) you might even find some examples ...

Connie Moreno said...

That was a neat blast to the past!

JG said...

Neat shots, Major. That porch was made to fall from.

As for Gram & Gramps, "the wagon of Love breaks under the baggage of Life". Or maybe they just hurt after standing all day.


Unknown said...

WONDERFUL, wonderful pix. I hike at C-ville 3 times a week--a great place...just wish the buildings were still there. You MUST post more pix if you have any more. I think I may be able to figure out where Boot hill used to be. Sweet!