Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dumbo, 1958

I can't quite tell if those flying elephants were in motion in this photo, or if dad just had the shakes. My vote is for the former, since Dumbo himself is pretty clear. There's something about the warm, muted colors in that I find very appealing! See how happy the kid is?

Well, he's not so happy here. In fact, he looks 80 percent bored, and 20 percent aggravated. And 10 percent peeved. (I was never good at math). I'm going to wear a plaid outfit just like this one (shorts included) on my next date. No chick will be able to resist me!


TokyoMagic! said...

Well, I was going to make a comment about how far apart the Dumbos were spaced back then, but then I noticed something. There are shadows on the ground from lift arms that we can't see in the pic. I guess that's because some of the Dumbos are in the air.

I wonder if DL will ever get a "double Dumbo" like WDW is going to have? If they do, I say tear down the Fantasyland Theater/Princess Fantasy Faire tent, build it there and then put Captain Hook's Galley and Skull Rock back where they belong.

Wow, how did I get THERE? You didn't even post pics of the ship or Skull rock today!

Connie Moreno said...

Forget the double Dumbo just get rid of the Theater/Princess Fantasy Faire tent and bring back Skull Rock!

Oh, and don't try to be cute. You know darn well, you wore that plaid outfit already the day we met at Knotts. (My eyes are still bleeding...)

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, I used to think it was funny to watch my niece on Dumbo because she usually just skimmed along the ground instead of soaring like we thought she wanted to do.

I guess Dumbo's popularity might warrant a double version of the attraction, but I kind of hope they don't use resources for it. But I am all for a new pirate ship and Skull Rock!

Connie, that was my OLD plaid outfit. It was so "last year".

Rich T. said...

I don't like the double-Dumbo idea WDW's implementing...somehow it just makes the experience more like a commodity and less...special. They should just increase the circumference of the ride, add more elephants, and then make them barrel-roll, loop the loop and shoot peanuts out of their trunks!

JG said...

Ha, I'd give a pretty to see Major in a suit like that.

Also bring back the pirate ship. Anyone see the latest Disney tv commercials?

If they're gonna use Peter pan for a metaphor, he'd better have a big part of Disneyland.


Anonymous said...

I'm all in for bringing back the Pirate ship.

Check out Kevin Kidney's blog.


Unknown said...

Here's my big admission -- in many trips to WDW and one to DLR... all with kids in tow... we've never once boarded a flying elephant.

I love Dumbo - I hate lines. I hate riding a ride that is essentially the same as a carnival ride I can ride in the Wendy's parking lot three times a year. When I could be riding Mr. Toad! or Splash Mountain! I know it's special. I get it.

But I don't.

You may now revoke my Disneyphile membership card.