Sunday, January 09, 2011

Castles and More Castles

It's hard to think of Disneyland and not picture Sleeping Beauty Castle. Its image is everywhere, and there are enough photos of it so that if you placed them end to end, they would reach to Jupiter and back 20 times. Which is a pretty amazing fact that I just made up!

Check out this first lovely image taken on a brisk March day. Part of the Carnation Plaza is to our left.

Here's the other castle; Cinderella liked to hang out there. Sort of reminds me of the castle at Disneyland Paris. The building with the tower in the lower left is where Cindy lived with her smelly stepsisters and evil stepmother, and all of those squeaky mice.

And finally, yet another photo of Sleeping Beauty Castle. A tour guide is in the foreground; I like this outfit with the little bonnet instead of the plaid riding cap. See the family to the left? Sis is perfectly in step with mom, and little bro is perfectly in step with pop.


Chiana_Chat said...

That is a nice castle pic on top. Is that Tommy Kirk or Bobby Darin at right? hehe

Squeaky mice yes. But musical squeaky mice.

As to the bottom pic, yup - no doubts about the parentage of that family LOL

Chuck said...

The March date of the photo explains the dense snowpack on the Matterhorn.

Major Pepperidge said...

Chiana, I think it's a Tommy Kirk wannabe. Just like me!

Chuck, this was the year of the terrible Matterhorn avalanche. Folks trapped in the snow were forced to eat each other after waiting for help for more than 10 minutes.

TokyoMagic! said...

That woman in the first pic is leaning against a trash can that looks like it's about to fall over.

The last pic shows a ticket booth in the castle courtyard and not the one that is typically seen next to the carousel. This one appears to be one of the "Fantasyland Central Ticket Booth" versions. I've never seen one of those in that particular spot before.

Orange Co Native said...

Yes that lady in the first pic is leaning on the trash can too heavily.

What year were these pictures taken ? They look like around 1960 or so since the Matterhorn has already been built (Built and opened in 1959).

Major Pepperidge said...

Ha, didn't even notice the tippy trashcan!

O.C. Native, the photos are from March 1961.

Jim said...

"Sis is perfectly in step with mom, and little bro is perfectly in step with pop."

An early audio animatronics experiment no doubt.

Katella Gate said...

When I was little I was always very disturbed that the Casey Jr. tunnel went directly under the castle. I always hoped that the castle plumbing didn't go straight down, and then just stop overhead, and if it did, the king didn't needed to go No. 2.


Major Pepperidge said...

Katella Gate, I am STILL afraid that the king will go #2.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm a little late joining the conversation, but why are all you people complaining about the lady tipping the trash can? The sign clearly says, "Push."

Alicia said...

You guys are observant noticing that women in the trash can... anyway, I think the castles are just few of the favorite spots in the Disney World. I myself never missed to take pictures in some castle spots. I find them so realistic and very classic which is pretty amazing.

JG said...

Oh my, what a perfectly framed picture of Cinderella's castle. Actually it didn't become hers until AFTER the divorce, but custom will out.

KG, that's morbid, but potentially accurate. That's why we have royalty anyway.