Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Mine Train & Cascade Peak, Jan. 1961

You may be experiencing a dizzying case of deja vu when looking at this first photo; I had a very similar image just over a week ago. But I could look at pictures like this all day.

Here's a close up view of the folks aboard the train. Hey, that guy's taking our picture! Nearly everyone else is admiring the big waterfall. Notice the souvenir Donald Duck squeaky hats on those two kids.

Howdy, Engineer Zeke! Those Mine Train boys are right friendly.


Nancy said...

that photo of the Peak is positively breathtaking!

Connie Moreno said...

Holy crap, these photos make the Mine Train ride look fantastic! Why can't I remember it this way???

Chuck said...

Were you born yet?

Anonymous said...

Splendid shots. I think there is still room for a ride like this, threaded through the other elements.

I like how these are taken from the Mark Twain (or Columbia), more examples of the layering of activity in the original Disneyland.


Chris Jepsen said...

A nice lead-in to Talk Like A Grizzled Prospector Day (coming up Jan. 24th. See

Not to quibble, but I believe it should be "Them Mine Train fellers" rather than "Those Mine Train boys..."

Major Pepperidge said...

Nancy, it does look good, doesn't it?

Connie, the Mine Train has been gone for over 30 years, so it's understandable that memories might not be super sharp.

Chuck, I assume you were asking Connie when she was born. Don't you know that you shouldn't ask women that question? ;-)

Anonymous, I agree with you.

Chris, I admit that I was trying to sound "citified"!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Wow - these look like official Disney Photos - especially that last one!

Anonymous said...

A decade later, that could have been me waiving from the engine. Drat...wish I could do it all over today.

Orange Co Native said...

Disney could make a short version of the attraction in the space they have today. The best part of the attraction was going into the caves to see the colored waterfalls. Of course, that show building was located where Big Thunder is today. However, where Festival of Fools is and the Big Thunder Ranch could accommodate such an attraction. Probably will not happen. Too much is on Princesses and other such things. The area will probably give way to Fantasyland.

Chiana_Chat said...

Big Thunder has a section with caverns. Expand it. Where there is a will there are ways, it's a matter of the right folks at Disney seeing the opportunities for a new nature attraction and realizing them.

Love the pics! As I'm guessing the Maj knew. "Chi will love these!" he said, at first sight. And he was right.

Those cars are a great design aren't they? Really look super in both the early and later color scheme. The rockwork like that peak always amazes me. Just imagine people building something like that. They did: there it is... That last pic is remarkable for capturing a tip o' the hat back at us in such a setting!

Alicia said...

That ride looks so much fun and the kids are also safe for a ride... I always find such rides as breathtaking that makes your knee a little beat shaky but when you are done the feeling is so amazing especially when you get to see your photos having those crazy looks.