Friday, January 21, 2011

The Gonzalez Trio, August 27, 1965

Here's a great photo of the Gonzalez Trio, performing in the little ornate bandstand that used to be in Frontierland. I'll bet they were a lot of fun, and added some authentic Mexican atmosphere. The SeƱorita certainly is pretty, doesn't she have a great smile? It's hard to believe, but she wasn't always a part of the group...

I found this photo in the November 1959 "Disneylander" magazine for cast members! I wonder when they brought sis (?) into the act?


Unknown said...

They used to sing a parody of "Cocktails for Two," called "Tacos for Two:"

"Our hearts were burning,
but it wasn't from the yearning,
so we both reached for the water,
'cause our faces, red were turning,"

Major Pepperidge said...

Jimmy, thanks for the great song lyrics! Frontierland needs a new Gonzalez Trio.

JG said...

I remember this little pavilion and musicians in it, but these folks don't seem familiar.

I like that kind of music. I would think that it would still be popular, what's not to like about mariachi?


Connie Moreno said...

I love that dress!! Ya, I agree, there should be some Mariachi music at least once in a while...I mean, you can't completely ignore the fact that Mexican people were a part of frontier life.

Jason Schultz said...

The September 1957 Disneylander calls them the Gonzalez Trio. Carmelita Gonzalez is one of the performers in the Gonzalez Trio in "Fun in Frontierland" (aired 7/21/1962).