Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Mark Twain

You know, yesterday's Columbia post was such a great idea (says me) that I decided to do the same thing with pictures of the Mark Twain. Don't worry, I have plenty of repetitive photos of it to share in future posts!

This first picture is both super and duper, and rates high on the "Postcard Worthy-o-meter" ™. The blue sky, the Mark Twain gleaming white, and all those fabulous 50's folks add up to smiley face.

This one's not bad. But - - yawn.

This one is cropped funny, is kind of blurry, and smells like a band-aid. Go ahead, sniff it and see what I mean.


SundayNight said...

The real star of that first shot is the highly themed “Exit” sign. Only Disneyland would put so much detail into a sign like that.

Connie Moreno said...

I like 'em! All of 'em!!

Chuck said...

I had no idea you could exit the park via the Mark Twain.