Friday, October 28, 2011

More Walt Dizzy World, May 1972

Today we're heading to the east coast for a quick visit to Walt Disney World! These are the final four photos from my May 1972 bunch.

I love the fact that the Florida version of the Haunted Mansion looks different from the Anaheim version. It's pretty neat! And definitely more fitting for the land known as "Liberty Square". It's hard to believe that most of that structure is simply decoration, although in this case the stretching rooms stretch up rather than down. At Disneyland you are actually on an elevator that takes you underground so that you can travel beneath the train tracks and outside the berm. This wasn't necessary in Florida.

This striking structure is the home of the Tropical Serenade, the Magic Kingdom's version of "The Enchanted Tiki Room". The attraction was "under new management" for a while, but Iago and Zazu have moved out and Jose, Pierre, Michael and Fritz and all the other tiki birds have returned.

There's the building that held the Diamond Horseshoe Revue! It's funny, in most cases, buildings at Walt Disney World tended to be much larger and grander than their counterparts in Disneyland, but this structure is relatively modest. I believe that this is a restaurant now.

Lastly, and leastly, is this shot of a woman hangin' out in front of the First Aid station. Maybe there were restrooms there too. She looks angry; maybe she has a boo-boo that needs attention.

This may have been the last from this bunch, but I have a few more vintage WDW images to come!

*Note: I will be out of town starting today, and will return late Monday night. There will still be new posts each day, and I will respond to comments when I have access to a computer!


TokyoMagic! said...

How great to see these vintage WDW pics after just returning from there. That structure on the far right of the first pic is still standing, but it's now abandoned. I believe it's the old Keelboat landing. They should bring that attraction back to WDW and DL!

It was great to see the original Tiki Room show return to WDW. I was NOT a fan of the "New Management" show. Unfortunately, they've stuck "The Magic Carpets of Aladdin" (basically another "Dumbo" attraction) in front of the Tiki Room which just "junks" up that nice open space in your vintage photo.

The Diamond Horseshoe was closed and I meant to ask someone what goes on in there now, but I forgot!

Debbie V. said...

These photos bring up something I'd like to research - My husband and I are going to WDW for the first time next month. Can't wait!
Does anyone have a good resource for comparing the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland - size, layout, attractions, etc.?
Just wondering.
Looking forward to the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room!

Debbie V. said...

Oops - I left out a Tiki!

Chuck said...

I'd heard that the Diamond Horseshoe was turned into another plush store when Paul Pressler was the head of Walt Disney Attractions, but that may have been just a vicious rumor. In fact, I might have made it up myself.

Pegleg Pete said...

Great photographs today, Major. Thanks.

George Taylor said...

Great shots!

The Diamond Horsehooe is used (mainly) as overflow dining during the busier parts of the year.

I was able to walk in and take photos in August 2010.

Irene said...

I was there a little over two years ago and the Diamond Horseshoe is now a restaurant. Kind of get your own food and sit for lunch time but at night they turned it into a higher price dining experience by throwing white tablecloths on, using silver and china, and wait service. Did not eat there. As a huge fan of the Golden Horseshoe and the entertainment there (Billies and Laughing Stock) I was very disappointed they have nothing in the Diamond. Spoke with the CM at the door for a period of time and he says everyday over and over he has to explain that no, we do not have a show here. Beautiful show venue going to waste1

John said...

Awesome pics. I just got back from the Magic Kingdom. Was there on the day of the 40th anniversary. I was actually there the year it opened, so it's great to see this photos.

dfan07 said...

I don't think I'm alone when I say that the light fixtures in the second pic look like pumpkins on sticks.