Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Knott's Train, March 1977

I'm still managing to eke out some images from a series of slides from 1977. Why hurry?

Today we'll get a good look at one of the trains. The "Green River" is chugging past what I believe is the pit where you could pan for gold. Could you walk under the tracks down there? That building is the back of the John Wayne Theater, I think. And in the background, the big tower that had the Sky Cabin and Sky Jump looms. TokyoMagic! tells us that the Sky Jump is going to reopen one of these days, which is a good thing!

Now the train is at rest in front of Calico Mountain. They finally put up a chain to at least attempt to prevent unwanted train squishings. The engineer must have just blown out the boiler to remove rust and other crud. Yes, our friend there was not responsible for that puddle! I swear.


fuzzhead said...

Looks like the back of Boot Hill in that first pic, Where the train goes over that little river.

TokyoMagic! said...

Fuzzhead is right, that is behind Boot Hill and there was a little stream underneath that trestle. The Pan for Gold is located very close to this spot now, but back then it was located closer to the entrance of the park. The theater is still there, but all of that rock work has been removed and this is where the Pony Express rollercoaster now sits (the train goes underneath the rollercoaster track).

Chuck said...

There was a...sculpture, I guess, similar to Whiskey Bill and the others around the park, of an India-, er, Native American family group atop the rocks. I've found postcard photos of them predating the John Wayne/Goodtimes Theater, although I certainly never saw them without the painted backdrop on the back of the building.

Sorry to hear they and the rocks are gone. So many changes I've heard about - I'm kinda afeared to go back.

Chiana_Chat said...

Do go back Chuck, and send me a few hundred so I can be there too. We have chicken and boysenberry pie to eat.

Maj, sadly, not the Sky Jump, but hopefully at least the Sky Cabin. It looked so much neater in its original form with the extra circle of the parachutes rigging on top and the playful checkers.

That man's checkers, er plaid pants though, wow. In Kentucky Fried Chicken colors, shows you the folks at Knotts were very generous to allow him entry. And not only is he wearing a KFC tablecloth for pants, he has a totally incompatible lime green shirt. Man! Notice his wife. That man's fiendish fashion offenses have broken that poor dear down to the point of wearing blue jeans and an ultra-muted grim gray overcoat. But the man said, for better or worse.

Green River's looking awesome, as it was and is.

Major Pepperidge said...

Fuzzhead, thanks for the correction! I was pretty certain I would make at least one mistake, and it looks like I made a few. What else is new!

TM!, I should just send my posts to you first so that you can be my official "fact checker". You have nothing better to do, right? ;-)

Chuck, I'm sure I have photos of the sculpture you are talking about, and I know I have pictures of that Indian family, though I might not have posted them yet. As for going back to Knott's, I know how you feel. It had been MANY years since I had gone, and when I finally did (about two years ago) I had a good time. There is still enough of the old Ghost Town to make me happy, and there is still the old Calico Mine Train and Log Ride. There ARE a lot of roller coasters though, so you may or may not like those.

Chiana, I have no idea why I said "Sky Jump" when I meant "Sky Cabin". I knew I should have stopped sniffing glue. That guy's pants look like they are made from the same fabric as a suit that I had when I was a kid. The lime-green shirt is OK with me!

TokyoMagic! said...

I just noticed there is a kid with that couple and he is wearing pants with almost the same plaid print. Like father, like son? Or is that another "Pat"?

Connie Moreno said...

Totally enjoyed today's post. Gotta tell you a story. One day, back in 1973 or 4, I found a pair of pants like that in the K-Mart clearance rack for $6. I bought them as a joke Father's Day gift for my dad. I laughed and laughed every time I thought about it and to finally see the look on my dad's face when he opened his present - priceless! In his classic way he said, "I wouldn't even use these as a rag to wash the car!"

Chuck said...

Mmm...chicken and boysenberry pie...

Chiana_Chat said...

@ Chuck - you know you want some!

@ Connie - your dad had taste!

KFC Table Cloth Pants Boy's dad has no taste. No wonder his mom's so sombre.

@ Maj - A suit of that over a lime green shirt!? Aaaaaagh!