Friday, December 12, 2008

Nighttime at Disneyland

Here are a couple of nice night shots from Disneyland! This first one is from July 1967, featuring a certain mountain. There was only one back then! The long exposure makes the waterfall look especially powerful here! I am not exactly sure what the vantage point was... you can just make out the Tinker Bell flight wire going from the tip of the Matterhorn, heading to our left. Maybe this is from the hub, over near the Plaza Inn?

Now we move up one year to July 1968. The slide was thoughtfully labeled "Adventureland Steel Band". Actually, I believe that the band was made up of regular flesh and blood hu-mans, not steel ones. Again, I am not entirely sure where this photo was taken. At the Tahitian Terrace? The woman's dress looks very "Tiki Room-ish" to me!


Anonymous said...

wow! How about a wallpaper of the Matterhorn shot, if just 1024x768? That's neat. You don't see too many vintage night shots, and that one's pretty.

There might have been only one mountain and there's still only one horn, but it's still the horn that matters. That line was worth recycling hehe

Not sure where the second one is. Interesting. :)

Anonymous said...

This is a view from the Hub. Sleeping Beauty Castle would be to your left and Tomorowland to your right.

The Viewliner Limited said...

As I said before quality, quality, quality before quantity. Awesome pics Major.

Nancy said...

such a very cool of those shots you were discussing a few weeks back, where you picked up your pictures at the photo-mat and saw something like this....WOW!

i like the Adventureland picture very much...we dont get to see enough of those but i have a feeling there was lots going on entertainment-wise back then : )