Thursday, December 11, 2008

Frontierland, August 1959

Here are three photographs from the summer of 1959, all featuring Frontierland.

First up is this oddly-compsed shot of the Mine Train and Rainbow Ridge. There's a grown-up wearing a plastic Keppy Kap! His name must be Melvin. Notice that his sons aren't wearing their own souvenir hats. The dad to our left has a 1958 gate handout sticking out of his shirt pocket.

Here's a look at Castle Rock, it looks like a miniature version of Wyoming's "Devil's Tower". I think I see a yippie - - a young one, but he's a yippie alright! He'll be back on the island soon.

And finally, the obligatory photo of the friendly indian village (or F.I.V. as nobody likes to call it). Not sure I ever noticed the two Indian babies leaning against that teepee. I hope they are wearing sunblock, or they will turn into delicious baby jerky.


Anonymous said...

Neato, neato. Besides baby jerky, I see an Indian is making a new canoe. Have to, since Boy and his Dog have claimed the tribe's second canoe.

Mine Trains hadn't yet been painted their bright yeller eh? What do ya say that Junior there is stashing a ticket book in his jacket.

Major Pepperidge said...

Chiana, if you notice in later photos that other canoe is half under water!

I think that Junior is UNstashing his ticket book...!

Katella Gate said...

Yippies: I hate them. I hate Yappies and Yahooies too. In fact, I hate all the second string Hanna Barbera cartoon lineup.

Scooby-Doo Rules!

if this light hearted tilt still isn't ringing a bell, see:

Anonymous said...

Half in the water?! Well I guess they can make a good bathtub too. After all those villagers didn't go many places too often.

Maybe Junior's hoping to trade up some tickets, having an itch for an E Ticket ride.

Nancy said...

thats a very pretty picture of Castle dont often see one this close, and signage is always a nice bonus!!!