Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tomorrowland, February 1962

You don't need a Delorean to go back to the future, just take a look at these photos from Tomorrowland, circa 1962!

This first one is a real beauty. The old Tomorrowland managed to radiate an optimism and excitement about the future, and even made you think that the present was pretty neat too. Some trick! How'd they do that? The yellow bubble-domed Monorail looks streamlined and striking as it rounds the bend (it looks like the turns were slightly banked...?), with a lovely winter sky overhead. The rippled surface of the Submarine Lagoon reveals a breeze (cold, I'll wager!), I can almost feel it. This is one of those photos that I wish I could step into - - preferably onto dry land.

From the same lot is this nice shot of the Autopia. The original cars had been replaced with a new version (the "Mark V" cars), with the "eyebrow" headlights and the hint of tail fins. They're cute, apparently they were very heavy. Whoever thought that they should be made out of solid gold was just plain dumb. Notice the predominance of aqua and orange cars - - the "Howard Johnson effect"!


Anonymous said...

Back when the subs were grey and the monorail was yellow. Much better.

Nancy said...

oh, what a beautiful day!

Monorail Yellow looks like its just come from the car, er monorail wash...that image is prismo!

i liked this version of the cars, particularly the big headlights, and i agree that they needed more colors! : )

Daveland said...

Fantastic Monorail shot; the photographer obviously knew how to use the camera!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

WOW, Yellow bubble-Monorail and Howard Johnson colored Autopia Cars, what an awesome post! I prefer the AMF rocket red of the early 1960's, nothing says "future" like fun colors! Thanks Major and can I step into the first photo too?

Connie Moreno said...

I just looked out the window and the sky looks the same. Wish I could jump into that first photo, too. Wet feet be dammed!