Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Fun

It's Sunday again! Same time every week. When I was a kid, Sunday meant: mom and dad took us to church, then we took a trip to the news stand to buy one comic book (or MAD magazine), and then Dunkin' Donuts. I really looked forward to the comic book and the donut! ;-)

Now Sunday is the day that I often post less-than-great images. Because a lot less people read this blog, see? Today, however, I have three photos for you that are actually pretty nice!

Like this great 1968 photo of the Matterhorn, with the Swiss Chalet at its base. You have to spend some time at the chalet in order to get acclimated to the high altitude. It's all very complicated. In the foreground, the lovely pink flowers of the oleander, which just happens to be extremely toxic. Bon appetite, kids!

Here's what you might have seen if you walked through the west tunnel entrance to Town Square in August 1958. I can almost hear the sounds and smell the popcorn! In the distance you can see a banner touting the Alice in Wonderland attraction and the Grand Canyon Diorama.

Here's a lovely oblique view of the Castle. That little bridge to the left is long gone. Notice the steel bars underneath the bridge, which kept the sharks (with laser beams on their heads!) contained until then needed to be released.


TokyoMagic! said...

Wow, I didn't know they ever had Oleander inside the park! I always thought it was odd that a place like Disneyland would choose a toxic shrub like Oleander to plant all the way around the entire parking lot. Maybe they were trying to "kid proof" the place. It didn't work!

Anonymous said...

What really stands out in the second photo is the woman in the white shorts. Look at the dresses on the other women.

Midhrifs said...

"Sunday is the day that I often post less-than-great images. Because a lot less people read this blog, see?"

I'm a daily visitor to this arena of yours. And it's always a treat - not just for the classic photos of Disneyland, but also for the humorous jabs you often accessorize them with.

T'is a fine presentation you offer here,sir. If your viewers are dwindling, it's their loss.

Nancy said...

i agree, Midhrifs. since i found this, im a daily subscriber

i love the first picture of the Matterhorn, with the station giving a nice perspective, makes it look very majestic (well, more than we normally see on most photos)

the second picture is a treasure-trove for us 60s those metal strollers!

Sleeping Beauty Castle reminds me of "real" castles, like the ones i saw in Ireland; could really picture someone living there. the lady in the blue polka dots looks like my mother-in-law...but she has never been anywhere outside of Pgh other than WV

thanks Major for a nice showing today : )

The Viewliner Limited said...

I absolutely love the entrance picture of the Matterhorn. You actually don't see to many pics of the que, and the ones you do see are not this good by any means.

Katella Gate said...

Ah, the beauty of fatal Oleander. The flowers have a faint, beautiful scent, but just touching it makes me itch. (really). I do miss the old fortress of Oleander that surrounded the Park parking lot. Alternate white and pink-flowered bushes, just like a striped circus tent... of death. Talk about mixed messages.

Seriously, there are cities in California where it's illegal to even plant the stuff.

Major Pepperidge said...

Thanks for the nice comments, and it's always nice to see a new name, Midhrifs!

Anonymous said...

and, and a belated entry from an old name!

Aw I love that Matterhorn shot! (spending time in the chalet to acclimate to the altitude? ha! Classic!) Looks like the mountain had lots of snow by then.

Oleanders are neat, the scent is part of the California impression for me. It was around where I grew up... which was originally landscaped in the 1950s just like Disneyland was. I never ate off plants I didn't know to eat from so laws against planting them sound paranoid to me. Mmm popcorn on the other hand. Now that's got me thinking I needs me a midnight snack hehe