Monday, December 01, 2008

House of the Future & Skyway, August 1958

I wonder how many people would love to be able to own a cozy, plastic House of the Future these days? Sure, it's not very large, but it definitely has style. I would decorate mine with the very finest Herman Miller furniture, with maybe a Mondrian or Picasso to brighten things up. There would be a Giacometti sculpture in the entry, and a Henry Moore out front. If this photo was taken in a vertical format I could see it as a cover of an old "Sunset" magazine.

The Skyway vanishes into the distance as we wait in line for our trip to Tomorrowland (through the air!). In less than a year the Matterhorn would forever change this scene.


spajadigit said...

Must have been a hot summer- Look at that grass!

Anonymous said...

The HOF is neat. I can imagine a bird's eye view, agriculture in a serene valley and the hills beside untouched but for little clusters of Monsanto HOF houses looking like little white colonies of mushrooms.

Oh gosh the Fantasyland shot makes me wanna get on the Skyway!

Anonymous said...

Oh missed the previous post so a belated "welcome back" Maj hope you had a great trip. From your earlier comment the trip had you saying "Arg." Saying Arg on a trip makes you an Argonaut.

Pithy humor aside (yeah it was humor!) we kept the place nice 'n' warm. :)

The Viewliner Limited said...

Without doubt some of the best pics I have ever seen. The HOF is amazing and FL never looked better. Thank you, Thank you.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Sweet HOF photo, definitely magazine cover material! The Fantastyland photo is eye candy extraordinaire! Nice pics Major, thanks!

Nancy said...

love these

looks like there's a party going on there (wonder if they had "air conditioning" like The Red Wagon restaurant)

Fantasyland looks so pretty; i like the colorful umbrellas and as you said, this is a view we dont have any longer