Monday, December 22, 2008

Frontierland, June 1958

Today I've got two very nice Frontierland images for you! Starting with this nice vertically formatted view of the Columbia, looking majestic as always; we also get an unusual look at the loading area for the Canoes, including one of the Indian guides who knew the wilderness like teenage girls know the mall.

And here's a nice "you are there" photo from the old Indian Village. If you're going to live in a teepee, you might as well paint it up with colorful pictograms. A few strategically placed sun-bleached animal skulls add charm and variety to any front yard! I certainly get looks from my neighbors. Jealous much? The teepee in the center has something hanging way up high... something that may or may not be a human scalp. Gruesome!


Rosley said...

Nice how you compared the two pictures.

Jaguar XKE

Katella Gate said...

Personally, I think the hairy thing in the net is a souvenir shrunken head that once of the Indians bought over in Adventureland.

I can't imagine there are too many places to keep things safe in a teepee, so putting it high in a butterfly net is as good as any.

Nancy said...

an especially beautiful view of the proud Columbia there. the sails are very striking for some reason, even tho it is a gloomy day

the canoes look like fun, but i dont know that im up to rowing! all 3 times we have been there ive wanted to take the trip, but im not sure i could keep the pace

ill tell you, its been Christmas here all week long...thanks again :)

Connie Moreno said...

I can confirm that is the scalp of Paul Pressler. Oh wait, just wishful thinking...