Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More vintage Disney pinback buttons

I love old pinback buttons, and have quite a few. They are colorful, and you can find them relating to almost any interest. Politics, comics, cars, candy, farm equipment, sports, movies, TV cowboys, space exploration... ANYTHING. When the buttons in question are vintage Disney, it's like two cool things in one.

Today's examples are, for the most part, non-Mickey Mouse pins. For example, there's the Big Bad Wolf! "The Three Little Pigs" was a sensation when it was released in 1933, and many items were produced bearing the images of the trio of oinkers and the BBW. The "Dumbo D-X" button was supposedly given out by gas stations in the early 1940's. And the Donald Duck "Wanna Fight?" pinback (this one seems to be somewhat scarce) shows the duck when he had a small head and a long bill - he was redesigned with his familiar rounder, plumper look in 1936. 

Next we have three buttons featuring Pinocchio (my favorite Disney feature!). The first example on the left seems to be a somewhat generic "fan" button, although I wouldn't be surprised if it was given out at various stores and events. It has its original Kay Kaymen back paper, which is always a cool plus. The colorful button in the center was handed out to children by dentists (Pinoke and Jiminy are on the path to "good teeth"). The back paper says, "Distributed by the Bureau of Public Relations, American Dental Association". And the button on the right was distributed to children (perhaps at Christmas time) at Hudson's department store, which had its flagship store in Detroit.

The next three pins are a bit of a departure; the one on the left and the one in the center were both given to members of the "Mickey Mouse Weekly" club in England. The Mickey Mouse Weekly magazine continued to be published until 1959. The "Mickey Mouse Chums" button was issued on Mickey's 8th birthday on September 26, 1936, and is nice heavy nickel-plated brass with real enamel. The "Jungle Club" seemed to be related - but different - from the "Chums" club, and the pin is scarcer than the other one. It's also less desirable because it doesn't show Mickey! The example on the right is a wonderful, heavy brass badge that was distributed by the Schutter Candy Company in 1940; kids had to send in 5 Pinocchio candy bar wrappers along with 10 cents. It was intended to look "... Exactly Like The One The Blue Fairy Gave Jiminy Cricket".

And finally, here are three pinbacks starring Donald Duck. The first one on the left is a tin-litho button advertising Donald Duck bread. Now with more feathers! The Icy-Frost Twins button is scarce, from an ice cream company of course. And finally, a smaller button for Sunbeam bread, probably from the 1950's.

I hope you have enjoyed these pinback buttons! There are more to see if your eyes aren't bleeding yet.


Pegleg Pete said...

I love these pins! The Pinocchio and Jimminy Cricket one is particularly nice – I think I'll go and brush my teeth now!

K. Martinez said...

Love these pinbacks. Especially the first trio of the Big Bad Wolf, Dumbo and a long beaked Donald. Nice graphics!

Pinocchio is my favorite animated feature as well. Even though you may run out of Disneyland photos you seem to have enough material in your multiple collections to last quite a while. Nice post today.

Nanook said...


These are some mighty fine pinbacks. I lvove the "Jungle Club" button, with the tiger. Ahhh... these bring back memories of Ted Hake's Auctions.

Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Pegleg Pete, if I have prevented one cavity, my work here is done!

K. Martinez, I only wish I had more stuff to share! When I see Matterhorn1959's collection of Disneyland ephemera, it makes mine look pathetic.

Nanook, Ted Hake is still doing auctions, and he now has his own separate site ( where you can buy buttons.

StoryBookLand said...

That was great!!! Love the vintage Disney! Keep 'em comin' :)


Anonymous said...

Fun stuff!


Snow White Archive said...

Very nice. I dig pinbacks too!