Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Kids and Indians, 1959

The Dance Circle in the old Indian Village in Frontierland was a pretty neat thing, but photos of it can get awfully repetitive. But I do tend to especially enjoy photos that were taken at the end of each performance, when the children in the audience were invited to join in the fun. And from the looks of things, the kids loved it too. I even see a smile on the face of one of the Indian performers, and he's done this a bunch of times!

Whoa, that's a lotta kids. One can only hope that nobody stumbles and scrapes their knee... the smell of blood will drive the children into a feeding frenzy, much like the piranha of the Amazon. It happened three times, as you know. 


Nanook said...

Boy, the kids are really getting into the spirit of things here. In fact in both shots one towhead lad can be seen dancing 'topless'. I guess Disneyland had lax standards back in the day. (Now, about that touch dancing in the 1980's...)

Nanook said...

Forgot to mention in the second shot, you can see the aft corner of the Mark Twain and its American flag, and a couple of passengers nearby.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Wow that is a lot of dancing kids.
At the back on the right is a dapper gent with a nifty hat (being worn maurice chevalier style). The chief behind looks to be contemplating a trade for said hat or maybe just asking for the name of his haberdashery.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, it is SO weird to see kids walking around shirtless in old pics. Go ahead, make yourself comfortable! It's like a day at the beach.

And maybe the Mark Twain was going around the river backwards that day... it was just nudging into the picture! It could happen.

Alonzo, it's funny, I was wondering what "Maruice Chevalier style" looked like; so I clicked on the picture and knew who you meant immediately. I am going to start wearing hats in my OWN distinctive manner; maybe inside out.