Sunday, February 24, 2013

Two From June 1968

Th Disneyland Hotel was captured - barely - on film in this night shot from 1968; not much to say about this one, although I am fascinated by the faint "in camera" reflection of the neon sign.

There's the snow-capped Matterhorn, as seen from the entryway into Tomorrowland. Whenever I see a vintage souvenir stand (like that one to the right), I  can't help imagining what wonders it held!

Waaaay at the top we can see Hans and Otto (only a few molecules of Otto), who scaled the mini mountain daily. Everyone knows there was a basketball half court inside the Matterhorn, but did you know there was a foosball machine at the very top?


Chuck said...

Wow - that "reflection" IS odd. Perhaps there was a clear cover or lens filter in front of the lens that created a bounce-back reflection after the light entering the camera was reflected off the film.

The sign is absolutely dead-center in the image and also the brightest thing in the frame. The mystery lettering appears to be a non-reversed reflection of the sign purely because of the center position in the frame; if it were in one of the corners, the reflection would be upside-down but still readable in the opposite corner.

Either that or you're just messing with us with Photoshop.

K. Martinez said...

That “Disneyland Hotel” reflection is definitely odd.

The Alpine Gardens image with the Matterhorn and palm trees at the Tomorrowland entrance used to be my favorite juxtaposition at Disneyland before it was changed.

Major Pepperidge said...

Chuck, there was no Photoshop trickery on my part... I did think it was weird that it wasn't reversed.

K. Martinez, the Alpine Garden was nice, but I think it was even better when the House of the Future was there (based on photos, since I don't remember the HOF).