Friday, February 22, 2013

Knott's Berry Farm Snapshots

Here are three fun, vintage black and white snapshots from Knott's Berry Farm! 

Two nice ladies pose next to the fantabulous steam locomotive that must have been only recently installed at the park (though the train itself was a genuine antique). The woman on the left holds a paper bag. It might hold souvenirs, or maybe they brown-bagged their lunches.

Hey, that doesn't look like Chief Red Feather! I admit that I thought it was him at first. I'll bet the lady is holding a cup of ice-cold boysenberry juice, mmmmm-mmmm!

And finally, no visit to Knott's would be complete without a photo with Handsome Brady and Whisky Bill. That lady looks as giggly as a schoolgirl.


Melissa said...

Lady on the left is holding a scarf - she probably just unbabushkad!

Nanook said...

You know, I'm thinking what the world really needs is a line of GDB Babushkas. They can be adorned with best Disney kitsch Melissa can dream up. Melissa - 1,2,3 - go do your stuff-!

Melissa said...

My Grandma always wore one when she drove, because she always had a convertible. Makes me smile and remember her when I see these bebabushkad midcentury ladies.

Major Pepperidge said...

Melissa, are you sure that's not a bag of salami sandwiches?! ;-)

Nanook, maybe I can finally make this blog thing pay off!

Melissa again, my grandma wore one when it was windy or cold, and she had a plastic one for rain.

Nanook said...

Hey - my mom wore one, too; and was considered "a looker". And if I could locate any Disnelyland family pictures from 'back in the day', she would probably be sporting one.

Clearly was one of those "practical, mid-(last) century things" that went out with gentlemens' hats. Although those appear to be making a slow, but tasteful, comeback.

. said...

That's Chief Blue Eagle in the 2nd photo.