Thursday, February 07, 2013

Firetruck and Surrey, 1966

I love the vehicles that can be found on Main Street U.S.A. They look great, and add movement, color, and sound. I hope they never go away!

In the early days you might see the horse-drawn "Chemical Wagon", but it was eventually replaced by the motorized Firetruck. The Firetruck still runs on busy days, though I've never been on it. That's another one of those, "If I had an annual pass and went to Disneyland all the time...." activities. Those kids in the back better lay off that bell!

The Surrey is another vehicle that no longer operates, though you can see one of them displayed back near Big Thunder Ranch if you are lucky.


K. Martinez said...

We’ve definitely fared better than Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom when it comes to the Main Street Vehicles.

Last summer when I visited the Disneyland Resort for four days, I decided to go on every single attraction that an adult was allowed on just to see if I could do it. Being that my trip was on the weekdays (Mon.-Thu.) and DCA was drawing some of the crowds away, I was able to do it pretty easily.

When it came time for the Main Street Vehicles, I rode all four vehicle types, one after the other for two complete round-trips up and down Main Street. It took just over half an hour. I never attempted that before, so it was kind of fun and unusual. I hope they never go away.

Chuck said...

When he was four years old (1965), a former boss of mine had a personal tour of Main Street on the fire truck - driven by Walt himself. Sadly, that ride was set up for him after his father, a celebrated fighter pilot, was shot down and killed in Vietnam.

I love stories like this about Walt - the little charitable things he did that he went to great pains NOT to publicize. So different from how many celebrities do business - both then as now.


K Martinez: what do you mean Disneyland has fared better that Walt Disney World reg main Street Vehicles? Florida still operated all of theirs.......they have (2) Omnubuses, (1) Fire Engine (3) Horseless Carriages-red, yellow and blue) (1) Station Jintney (burgandy) and (4) Horse Drawn Street cars... Disneyland rarelu operates their vehicles beyond noon time during the week.

K. Martinez said...

Mike Cozart: my bad. I kept hearing people complain about their lack of presence on Magic Kingdom's Main Street, so I assumed they rarely ran. As far as Disneyland's Main Street Vehicles, I've ridden them several times on a weekday afternoon even though they close earlier than most attractions.

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, I wish I could experience four days in a row at Disneyland! Then I would be able to relax and enjoy myself more. I've still missed so many little things, like most of the Main Street vehicles.

Chuck, wow, amazing story, though sad that your friend's dad was killed. Amazing that Walt would take the time, considering how busy he was and how easy it would be to forget "one little boy".

Mike and K. Martinez, I have heard (over and over) that WDW basically does not run their Main Street vehicles anymore. Maybe this is incorrect? If so, I am glad to hear it!