Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Trio from July 1959

You know what I was doing in July 1959? Sitting on a little cloud in heaven, waiting to be hatched. I figured you might be wondering.

Meanwhile, other folks were enjoying the classic Disneyland experience. Like these folks on the Jungle Cruise. That boat is about to disappear into stygian darkness. That's right, I said stygian and I'm sticking to it. Notice the one worried face looking back at us... too late, sucka! It really is as if they are about to be swallowed.

Nothing too remarkable about this shot, except that I like its cast of characters. The little kid with the classic popcorn box, flanked by grandma and grandpa (who is carrying a ticket book). Folks are loitering outside of the Golden Horseshoe, while others are presumably waiting to ride the Mark Twain. Even the trash can and the helpful sign are fun.

Why would anybody be leaving Disneyland when it is still the middle of the day? There oughta be a law. But this is a nice photo of the exit turnstyles. Bike racks can be seen to the extreme left, complete with one lone bicycle. You can see the blacklight used to view the fluorescent-green hand stamps (I always got one even if I had no intention of coming back... one final souvenir; it lasted longer if I didn't wash my hands!). The kid at the right is getting a nice drink of water so that he will have to "go" at some point during the ride home, aggravating dad.


Jason Schultz said...

That first shot shows quite a canopy for so early in Disneyland's history. I'm surprised at how lush it looks.

Capt. Tomorrow said...

Oh Major! How could you not point out the wonderful Ken-L Ration
Ken-L Land sign in the upper left of the last picture? When we went to Disneyland our dog came along as well and I think she had as much fun in Ken-L Land as we did in the park.

The Viewliner Limited said...

Great pics Major. The exit is awesome. Hope you are enjoying NYC.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I want grandma's ticket book!!! I still get that hand stamp on every visit even though with the AP I don't need it.

Hey Major, how's NYC? Did you visit Freedomland yet?

Nancy said...

wow, that jungle certainly is dark, like going into the haunted forest!

and leaving in the middle of a beautiful California day to go to the dentist?? NO WAY, JOSE!!

nice pictures today. hope youre having a good time on your visit back east :D

Anonymous said...

That's where the Jungle Cruise took 'em to deepest, darkest Africa. Peeps don't say that too much anymore, but then peeps don't say stygian much anymore either. Nope, never in fact. Except at that bastion of radical individuality (in Kodachrome), Gorillas Don't Blog!