Sunday, February 08, 2009

Random Sunday

Here are three photos, selected by rabid monkeys for your viewing enjoyment.

Here's a nice picture of Sleeping Beauty Castle from 1963. It's a busy summer day, and the Surrey is making the rounds with a full load.

Some people love to go to Disneyland and... not ride any rides! Yes, it's true. They like to wander up Main Street and peruse the shops. Then they'll buy a box of popcorn, and stroll along the shore of the Rivers of America, where they'll find a bench. Then they'll sit and just enjoy the sound of the Mark Twain's whistle, the music coming from somewhere in Frontierland, and observe the happy families rushing to their favorite attractions. Then they will strap on their jet packs and fly home.

The Living Desert looks pretty inviting in this photo. There are plenty of cacti, desert wildflowers, manzanitas, joshua trees, and other flora. Must have been a recent rain! The watering hole has attracted a flock of antelope, and I think I even see a jackelope. But it might just be the heat.


Chiana said...

Monkeys were rabid over that black and yeller hearse, er carriage. Bit too simple on the color scheme for me. Castle looks a treat though.

2nd pic is so sweet. Yes folk go to many other parks to ride the rides, but part of Disneyland's magic is that you go for Disneyland, and do the rides as part of that. It'd be closing time 'fore I'd budge from the scene in that pic. Then I'd need to strap on some serious lighting gear too, to jetpack home.

Living Desert's looking remarkably alive there and... I deny I see a jackalope. Nope. Heat's gettin' to ya. Just another way that Gorilla suit doesn't suit ya. Just as well, Gorillas don't blog, and we need you to blog. :)

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Nice trio of colorful joy! I've gone to the park and just walked around, heck I do it a lot. It's great to see he park without the rush of "what next". The only draw back is when I'm flying home on my jet-pack and I realize I was at Disneyland and didn't ride the rides!

Does anyone know when they stopped the Surrey Rides? (it does kinda look like a hearse in that photo)

Dave said...

Wonderful color (and a fine scene)in the first slide. The monkeys did a great job!

SundayNight said...

If you have never tried a non-ride day you should. I mean a day where the emphasis is not on riding rides but just taking in Disneyland in an easy going manner. I did this last year and it was a wonderful day. No rush – no fuss. Just enjoyed the shops, restaurants and the environment of the park. I did go on a few rides but it didn’t dominate the day.

Nancy said...

love the picture of the castle...a perfect Disney day.

when my daughter was working at WDW this past year, many days she went to the parks and just shopped, had coffee and took pictures of ppl and interesting things that she saw. i wish i had the luxury of doing that, and hopefully when we move to Orlando i will do it a LOT! : )