Saturday, February 21, 2009

Indian Dance Circle, 1960

Well, whaddaya know, it's the old Indian Dance Circle! My favorite dance circle ever, and I've seen 'em all. I don't want to say that all photos of the d.c. look the same, but... they really do pretty much look the same!

That being said, this one has a girl dancer! Now that's kind of different. She has some serious fringe going on!

And I have to admit that I do like photos of the finale, in which kids from the audience were invited to join in the fun.

For the first few years, guests had to stand to watch the show (except for the lucky few who found an empty log up front). But at some point, comfy rocks were installed. Imagine how hot they could get on a blazing August day! That explains the mysterious smell of frying baloney that we've all read about. Meanwhile, in the background are three different peaks... Cascade Peak, Castle Rock, and the mighty Matterhorn.


Anonymous said...

I smell baloney right now. tee hee. teasin', teasin'.

Neat pics Maj, I do like Indian village pics, incl. dance circle. There's a neat feel to 'em. Accessable wilderness? The promise of sharing a world with Native Americans in appreciation and peace? Vintage appeal and people watching, definitely. :)

A lady on the dance circle, don't think I've ever seen that before. The twin kids in the front and some others look bored but many other people look to be interested and/or are having a good time.

Can't but think an "Indian Village" complete with show could be done so much better now - but there's nothing. Perhaps it's not considered lucrative enough and people are afraid of offending. But now the only Native American presence many people see is casinos...

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