Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Special Guest Photos, Part 1

Today I am proud to present part one of a series of photos that were generously sent to me by a reader, his name is Mike Guerena! He's got some great images, I think you'll agree.

There's Mike, holding Mickey's hand (his mom has her hand on him, trying to keep him still!). To the right of Mickey is Mike's sister Kathy, and his brother Rick. Looks like they are just outside the Opera House, perhaps they went to visit Mr. Lincoln right after this.

Wow, check out this picture of the Phantom of the Opera, taken at the entrance to the Main Street Cinema! So cool. I wonder if that is a mask made by Don Post, his company advertised in "Famous Monsters of Filmland" magazine, and used to sell various monster masks in Merlin's Magic Shop - - I remember because my brother and I always wanted to go look at them. Kathy is making a face that I can't quite read. Fear? Disgust? Amusement? Ennui?

Anyone who follows this blog knows that I particularly love photos with nuns in them, and in this case the nun is Mike's Aunt Pat! She looks like a nice nun too, not like the ones who swat you with a ruler. How would you like to be at Disneyland while wearing that black habit? Everyone is enjoying the stuffed buffalo at the old Indian Village.

Mike says that this photo was sent to him by his old girlfriend, Karen. That's her in the foreground, hangin' with Pinocchio!

This photo has a funny story behind it! See those cups from the Sunkist store? Well, they don't have orange juice in them. That's yet another of Mike's girlfriends (Thea), and the two of them snuck a bottle of gin into Disneyland. Here's what he says: "We eventually get a little tipsy, We steal someones wheelchair outside of the submarine ride, and as shes screaming at the top of the lungs, i push her as fast as I can all the way to Tom Sawyers Island, where we just catch the raft over and immediately get arrested by Daniel Boone and a Keystone Cop. They take us down an underground stairway on the island to the police station, which nowadays reminds me of that part of Austin Powers where his golf cart gets stuck..So after a huge hassle they kick us out, they say we can't come back, but we try to anyways, and they're there waiting for us..."

And finally, here's a picture of the Guerena kids and Pinocchio. Mike is trying to make his escape, but Pinocchio has a kung-fu grip, so he might as well give up right now. Pinoke and Karen are communicating in a secret sign language that only they can understand.

That's it for today, but there will be more tomorrow! Thanks again to Mike for sharing these great photos.


Mike G. said...

Ha! That's so awesome..Thanks for putting those up!

Anonymous said...

Cups? What cups? Oh, I see them now.

I do enjoy a photo with a story behind it.

Thanks, Mike (and Major)


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Fun post! I've snuck Jack Daniels into a concert or two (in the 1980's) but never Disneyland! Of course, my x-girlfriend would bring a pipe to DL (not the tobacco kind) and she'd light up on the Skyway, she used to say that's all that ride was good for!!!

What's with Pinocchio and his death grip on that little boy???

Captain Annie said...

I can personally attest that Mike G is the best Disneyland companion I know, except when he gets grouchy about all the new stuff.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Karen is flashing Pinocchio the "peace" sign, while he is responding with the British variant on another well-known hand signal.

Nancy said...

these are great, Major!

thanks, Mike, for sharing them with us. now you're famous! :)