Sunday, February 15, 2009

Two Restaurants, May 1965

Today I have two photos featuring a couple of Disneyland's more notable restaurants from the good old days (both long gone now).

First, here's a nice exterior of Aunt Jemima's Kitchen, tucked back in corner of Frontierland. There's Auntie's smiling face on the sign. Oh man, pancakes suuuure sound good! The Swiss Family Treehouse can be seen over the roof, with its distinctive russet foliage.

This is admittedly not the greatest photo of the Casa de Fritos! But there it is, just to the right of center, lookin' all adobe-esque! Can you say "adobe"? ADOBE! Meanwhile, there is absolutely nobody over at the Mine Train queue, it must have been closed because of chiggers.

Who likes tickets? Who likes signs?


Nancy said...

i LUV signs!

i especially like the first picture of Aunt Jemima's Kitchen. having been in that restaurant in the last few years, i like how it looks to have not changed since these early days.

my first visit to DL wasnt until 2001, but i couldnt convince my family to move from PA to CA, so im not sure if it was the same then as it is now, but i have a feeling it might have been

that young family in Frontierland seem to be on their way to somewhere fun at a brisk pace, with dad perhaps telling mom to keep up, please! hopefully they stopped at this restaurant for Mexican fare!

great pics today, Major :)

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Ok Major, you out did yourself on this one! May 1965 is my birth month and year so naturally I love these and a RARE ticket price sign (Rare to me at least!) Thanks so much!

Nancy; your correct, the River Bell looks very much like Aunt Jemima's Kitchen. In fact, that first photo is screaming for a "before and after" on my next visit...

Thanks again Major!

The Viewliner Limited said...

We can always count on the most detailed awesome pics of DL when we visit the gorilla. Thanks Major. Appreciated as always, Richard.

Anonymous said...

I like the little family in the second photo, the one with the dad pushing the stroller. The young son is going with dad as mom wants a leisurely walk.

Dad: Come on honey, if we walk faster we can get on the river boat!
Mom: Alright, just a second, I’m coming.
Son: Can we go on the island next?
Baby: Goo-goo.

scott said...

Great pics!

Even better Pee Wee's Big Adventure Reference!!!

Thanks for this wonderful blog!

Anonymous said...

Man, I hate them chiggers -- especially when they get up your back. A cold bath of Lysol and coconut milk usually works 'em loose.