Sunday, November 09, 2008

Two from February 1962

Submitted for your approval: more support for my thinking that a busy Disneyland makes for a better photo! This is an OK picture of the Fantasyland Skyway station... it is obscured by a lot of pesky trees (I thought we outlawed trees years ago?!). Of course the lovely blue sky with floofy clouds helps. But for me, most of the fun is observing the people! Like Aunt Bee in the foreground (looking stylish!), or the lady next to her either blowing her nose or wiping the mustard from her face. Or the girl in blue sitting on the fence. There are still a few men with hats, they would be getting more and more scarce as the 60's rolled on. Even the folks waiting in line are great.

On a side note, now I can see that a photo taken from a Skyway bucket as it first leaves the station could really look something like this.

Population: 25,000,000! But where is everybody? This reminds me of the way things looked right after the Zombie War, some of you may be too young to recall. My point is - - look at how, um, lifeless this is without some people standing around!

Case closed!!


TokyoMagic! said...

Looks like something was up with the train station.....ladders leaning against the building, an electrical cord going from the ground to the rooftop and a cover over the handcar. The clock says 1:30, but could the park have been closed when this photo was taken...maybe back in the days when the park was closed on some Mondays and Tuesdays?

PTA Transit Authority said...

Got the flu BAD!!! These pics do me good!

Nancy said...

comparing the busy day in Fantasyland and what appears to be a work day at the station, i agree...busy is definitely better!! its hard to imagine so few visitors when we have known the crowds of more recent years

feel better, pta!

Anonymous said...

get well PTA!

submissions approved, Major, on the offensive! where all's floofy on the western front hehe

Anonymous said...

The ONLY good thing about the Zombie War was the repopulation effort that came afterward.