Monday, November 24, 2008

3 from February 1962

Welcome to February 1962! How about that John Glenn orbiting the earth? Pretty exciting stuff. Ol' Major Pepperidge hasn't made the scene just yet. Soon, though!

Anyway, let's begin with this nice shot of the Horse Drawn Streetcar in Town Square. I'm guessing that those boys don't see horses too often. I'll bet they got those sweaters from grandma. Red for Tommy, blue for Stevie! Their hair is nicely combed, with plenty of goose grease to keep it in place. I like this busy, colorful photo.

And here's another lovely picture. California winters produce some awfully pretty skies! The castle is bathed in bright sunshine, a nice contrast with the clouds. You can still sense the slight chill in the air, look at all the sweaters and coats. Ice cream sales are probably slower than usual!

Hey, there's a marching band going 'round the hub! Not the Disneyland Band, however. Imposters! GET THEM! Their cheerful red jackets really pop. I wonder if the Disneyland Band was given time off, and local high school bands got to fill in?


TokyoMagic! said...

Looks like Stevie isn't expecting quite as big a flood as Tommy is.

Nancy said...

haha, TokyoMagic! i was thinking the same thing

the marching band experience is great, and when my daughter marched on Main Street at WDW with her HS band the sidewalks were filled with proud parents and family

very pretty pictures today, Major. thanks :)

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Beautiful pics Major. Town Square always a favorite.

The Blue Parrot said...
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Chiana said...

Such nice color in that top one.

I see the band has a stern rep watching them on our left. He's looking across to the guy standing on the sidewalk, asking himself, "Is he smiling enough?" Just a passing grade from that guy if you're lucky.