Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Fantasyland Fun, August 1958

Today's photos make me smile... they aren't extraordinary, but do feature two all-America girls (sisters I presume) having fun on some classic Fantasyland attractions.

This first one is a nice portrait of the gals aboard one of Dumbo's clones. Yet another attraction that I have never taken the time to ride. I rode the Rocket Jets many times, and figured "Why ride Dumbo? It's the same thing, only for little kids, girls, and old people!". I'm a horrible, horrible person, it's true.

Our photographer had a nice fast shutter speed, you can hardly tell that the teacups were whirling around and around and around and..... urp! But look at the faces of the guests, everybody is having a great time!


TokyoMagic! said...

I have been missing my daily fix from your posts, Major...I just got back from Tokyo, so now I will have to play catch-up.

I wonder what was wrong with the pink/yellow "shrink wrapped" tea cup on the right?

Anonymous said...

My guess about the "shrink wrapped" tea cup is that the break won't release, and the cup is frozen in position.

That takes all the excitement out of the ride, like riding the merry-go-round on the horses that don't jump.

-Katella Gate

Nancy said...

im back as well from Disney World. had a wonderful time :)

i was also wondering about the odd looking yellow wrapper on that teacup. looks a bit lonely with nobody riding

i havent ridden on Dumbo for years, and i know its because Rachel is a grown woman now, but yes, we do tend to think of that as a kiddie ride, tho Magic Carpets of Aladdin and Astro Orbiter at WDW are both basically the same principle and you never see ppl shying away from them

i so miss the skyway....

Katella Gate said...

Given the problems they just had with the boats of It's a Small World scraping the bottom of the flume --- Does anybody know what the safe lifting weight is on Dumbo?

the macabre gourmet said...

Another awesome post, and love the expression on the lady's face in the second photo, facing the camera....keep the photos coming, you have a amazing collection!